I start my new job tomorrow morning at 9am, and I am absolutely petrified. It’s been almost five years since I started the job I left today, and it was probably one of the most stressful and long days (emotionally) that I have experienced in a long while.

I packed all my stuff up and some of the things I brought home have been on my desk since I started the job – which is very strange.

I had to train up my temporary replacement today. She seems okay I guess, BUT she made some very silly mistakes that I felt bad pointing out, especially as her CV proclaimed her to be very proficient and a PA to the director of a bank previously. Also, one of my colleagues has already expressed that she is finding it hard to warm to my replacement…oh well, this isn’t really my concern is it – although I do feel just a little bit guilty that I may be leaving them with someone whom they will find it difficult to work with…I am also a little bit concerned that she is going to find my job hard going, not only because of the late hours but also because the people I work for expert perfection (especially in the typing)…which reminds me of something that someone emailed me today – that was extremely flattering and made me smile.

I had been given a document that needed to be transferred from Adobe into Word…I tried, and for some reason (maybe to do with all the images in the document already) this didn’t work. So in the lunch break that didn’t materialise (when you are training I have discovered that your lunch break – the time when the trainee goes to eat – is the time when you catch up on the things you haven’t had time to do previously) I retyped and reformatted this document, and then sent it to a production editor for checking. The worst thing is that I didn’t get time to contact said PE until nearly 5 when the temp I was training went to get a drink (or something)…and when I called him he told me that although the document needed to be checked and sent back to its source by end of day it was unlikely to happen if he had to check it…15 minutes later I got an email saying that there wasn’t even 1 keystroke wrong on it and I was a great typist! Needless to say that was a really nice compliment.

Anyway, I am terrified about tomorrow, what if I am not cut out for the job I am going to be starting? Is it going to be stressful because I can’t do it? Am I going to like it? Oh, I know I am likely panicking about nothing, but that is just the way I am…

Looks like tomorrow is going to be interesting, right?

4 thoughts on “Nervous

    1. Definitely…what with you almost caught up on all your work, and me only behind by a few days (HA!) we will have to find time to get together…perhaps on the weekend if it doesn’t materialise before :-*


  1. So the day should be somewhat over by now. I hope your first day went well. I know this job is going to be a good one for you but you will of course have to get used to it first.

    Let us all know how the first day went!


  2. Congrats on the new job, honey. I know you’ll be brilliant!! Its hard leaving an old job, but at least you won’t have to do ridiculous overtime now!

    Sorry I’ve been missing you ….trying to catch up on my ‘sick time’ but am feeling much better now.
    Ping me later,


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