After all the crap that I have been put through this week, today has actually proved to be pretty good 🙂

Thank you so much to everyone who has been sending their good wishes my way. Liz, the worry doll definitely had some positive affects 🙂

Bad things

1) got balled out by my boss
2) My mum has been told she has to get a ‘growth’ or something checked out – not looking too good
3) My brother suffered a detached retina and has had to have an operation on it
4) My nephew’s diabetes control has suffered a setback and he’s been pretty ill
5) BT decided to do something screwy with my phone yesterday and the line went completely dead

Good things

1) My broadband is working again after FOUR weeks
2) My phone is working again
3) I got a new job and start next Wednesday

Finally things are looking up!!!!!

3 thoughts on “Squee

    1. Oh sweetie, you didn’t have to. You should be resting…not worrying about the sorry ass fact that I didn’t have broadband!!!! But can you believe it, 4 weeks, 1 day and finally it’s all working again.

      How are you feeling now???better?


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