Today’s the Day

Well, my CV (resumé to all you Americans) is printed up and in a nice A4 manilla envelope, my hair is clean and for once not in a plait (it’s up in a clip, neat away from my face) and I am wearing smart trousers and a matching top (and miracle upon miracles I am not wearing trainers)…

Today I have to prove that I have it in me to become an Editorial Secretary for another team, in a publishing house that the company I work for owns.

Part of me is looking forward to it, the other more nervous part has indigestion and a chronically churning stomach!

I am determined to do well today, and if I can maintain this level of desire to move my job (which I doubt will be a problem), with any luck I will be able to make a relatively good impression. Thing is, I know I can do the job, it was almost made for me, updating webpages, research…all the things I thrive on.

Oh well, time will tell, it’s a post that they want to fill quickly, so I may well be lucky 🙂

Keeping my fingers crossed.

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