Major Suckage

I asked for a transfer out of my department yesterday. It had finally reached the stage where I knew that if I didn’t someone would end up brained with a tea kettle because I have had enough!

I know that I haven’t been working to my full potential in the office of late, 1) not happy 2) bored 3) not liking many of the people, but is that any reason for them to mutter amongst themselves and say how useless I am? I have forgotten probably 2 or 3 things in the previous weeks (when I have been working my butt off doing overtime, and working through my lunch breaks) but apparently these are the only things they notice. I am absolutely fed up with it. Instead of being told “all your hard work has been noticed” I am being told “I have been hearing that you didn’t do this report,” or “I heard someone say that this meeting hasn’t been arranged”, of course no names were mentioned, but I knew who she meant.

Now, normally this would be water off a duck’s back, but yesterday I was feeling a bit sensitive having had just a few measly hours of sleep, and it hit me hard. Right after seeing this woman (who a friend and I refer to as “TP” The paragon <—what she thinks she is) I received an email from the Administrative Director, inviting me for a "Catch Up" session…I rolled my eyes at this (mentally at least) and arranged it for 2.30…

Well, needless to say it was all about what had gone on in the meeting with TP and to express how angry I was right now would be impossible – there are no words for it. I told her (the director) that I wasn't happy, that I wanted out, that I would like a transfer and felt that the criticism being heaped upon me was more than a little unfair considering I had been working incredibly hard and appeared to be getting nothing but the negative back for it. She appeared understanding, but in this company – who knows?

Now I just have to wait for tomorrow when I have my interview/transferral review with someone in another building who is looking for a new secretary, I am going to keep my fingers crossed and keep my thoughts about the possibility as positive as possible. The job is in another building in another part of town, has nothing to do with what I do now, and the only link is that our personnel and finance departments are the same!

I will keep you all posted!

2 thoughts on “Major Suckage

    1. Thank you – feel a little bit nervous about it right now, but it is only an informal chat rather than a full official interview. Apparently they need to fill this position quickly because the person who is leaving is also doing an internal transfer, so if things went well I could be out of where I am in less than two weeks.


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