FIC: Indulgence 1/2 (Katie/Viktor) Rating: MA

TITLE: Indulgence
RATING: MA (Mature Adult)
CHARACTERS: Katie Bell/Viktor Krum
DISCLAIMER: Any characters you don’t recognise are my property (like the bitchy Adriana who you will likely come across again). All other characters are the creative property of JK Rowling et al.
DISTRIBUTION: My LJ and my sites only.
DEDICATION: To Laura who, despite needing to study more, is one of the best friends a fellow student could ask for.
FEEDBACK: If you enjoy and you want to, then please do – it makes my heart happy.
SUMMARY: Katie has an unpleasant task to carry out; little does she know that it will end up being anything but. First part of a 2-part story, first in a trilogy.


Viktor slumped down on the plump cushions of the over-large sofa that dominated a fair amount of his small sitting room and closed his eyes as he rested his head on one of the throw cushions that his mother had liberally scattered around his house. Training today had been a nightmare, Jarvis had been on the warpath after their defeat at the hands of the Hawks, and he was exhausted, but he was determined that he wasn’t going to miss his night out with the boys. Harry was getting married next week, and some of the things that Ron had planned for the stag night were enough to make even the staid Percy Weasley crack a smile.

Pushing his aching body up from the sofa, where he could have quite easily stayed for the rest of the evening, he dragged himself up the stairs to the bathroom. He stripped off quickly and, after admiring yet another fantastically purple bruise that was developing on his hip, climbed into the shower. The bathroom was the one of the only rooms in his house that his mother hadn’t had a say in, it was decorated in black and burgundy, with a double-head oval shower on a dais in the middle of the room, and a deep sunken marble tub under the window.

It was the sort of bathroom that his ex-girlfriend had loved; perfect for the water sports she had been so eager to participate in – unfortunately not only with him. He had returned from training one night to find her practicing underwater tongue techniques with his ex-neighbour.

He was just combing the All Weather, All Purpose conditioner through his hair when the front doorbell rang, the Bulgarian national anthem echoed through the house for a few moments and Viktor made a note to have a word with his mother about changing things when he wasn’t in. He pulled on the plush black towelling robe hanging on the back of the bathroom door and ran, barefoot, down the stairs.


Katie nervously twisted the tie on her cloak with shaking fingers. Swallowing past the rather large lump in her throat she waited for Viktor to open the door, and had to bite back a groan when she noticed that he was wearing a robe and his hair was slicked back wetly – oh God, she’d interrupted him in the shower! Wondering whether she should just make her excuses and come back at another time, she continued to stare at the triangle of bare flesh that was growing steadily larger as the knot on his belt loosened.

“Yes?” Viktor glared down at the person who had dared to interrupt his relaxation time and struggled against showing his surprise when he realised who it was. He remembered Katie Bell quite well from his visit to Hogwarts during the Tri-Wizard Tournament, although at that time Hermione Granger had been his main focus, and he could tell that Miss Bell had certainly grown up well, his more recent memories of the girl were less pleasant, although that was not through any fault of hers. He remembered Adriana mentioning, more than once, that she had given up a rather promising future as a Chaser in favour of a career as coaching assistant for the Holyhead Harpies. He opened the door a little wider and ushered her into the airy foyer before closing the door, “You know the way,” he murmured before following her into the sitting room.

Sitting rather awkwardly on the sofa, Katie crossed her legs elegantly at the ankle and tugged her skirt down until it covered her feet. Smiling as he watched her nervous actions, Viktor cleared his throat and quirked an eyebrow, waiting for her to start talking. After five minutes, when still she hadn’t said anything, Viktor cleared his throat again, “I know that you did not come here for me to stare at you…”

Mortified that he had noticed she was staring, Katie blinked, coughed twice and then pulled a piece of tatty paper from the inside pocket of her cloak. “Addie…I mean Adriana…asked me to give you this.” She handed the crumpled letter over to him, silencing a gasp of surprise at the electric shock that sparked when her fingers brushed against his.

“And this was something she couldn’t do herself?” He stared down at the letter in his hands for a few moments before reluctantly unfolding it. Expressionless he took in the words jotted down on the page in a hand as familiar as his own. So, she was getting married and wanted his blessing? A loud burst of laughter escaped his lips before he looked up to meet Katie’s emotion-filled eyes. “Tell her she can have whatever she wants as long as she doesn’t expect me to be there. We’re not friends, Katie, and I don’t think that we ever will be.” He stood up and walked over to the bright, hot flames in the hearth and, with a simple flick of his wrist, the missive was tossed into the grate, the edges burning quickly.

“I’m sorry,” she spoke the words softly, so quiet that he had to strain to hear them. Turning, a grim expression on his face, Viktor walked over to her, gripped both her wrists in his hands and tugged her close.

“I said that she would never be my friend, you…now you are a different pot of fishes…” Before she had a chance to push him away, Viktor brushed his lips across hers, tentatively at first, and then with more confidence when she moved closer to him, his tongue stroked against her mouth, seeking entrance. With a guttural groan, Katie opened her mouth, her tongue battling his as she sought to get closer to him, her breasts rubbing sensuously against his chest, now bare as the front of his robe fell open. Releasing her hands, Viktor curled his hands lightly around her hips and stilled their tormenting movements.

Feeling as though someone had suddenly thrown her into the middle of a forest fire, Katie stroked her fingers lightly up the length of Viktor’s chest before wrapping her arms around his neck and sinking into the kiss, savouring every inch of their contact.

With a gasp born of surprise and guilt, Katie moved out of Viktor’s embrace and stood, her breathing harsh and uneven, staring at the floor. Curling his hands into fists at his sides, Viktor studied Katie’s expression, almost sensing what she was feeling even before she voiced it. “That shouldn’t have happened.” With one last pain-filled glance in his direction, she ran out of his house as though the Dementers of Azkaban were at her heels.


Later that evening, as he sat joking with Harry and Ron about how he was the only one of their little band of friends who was still single, and he was one of the oldest, he found himself repeatedly revisiting the kiss he had shared with quiet little Katie Bell. Feeling his trousers grow a little tight and uncomfortable, he excused himself from the ribald discussion and headed to the toilets to adjust himself.

As he was walking back he heard a laugh that sounded more than a little bit familiar. Standing in a corner, a bottle of some kind of Muggle vodka drink in one hand, was Katie Bell. She was wearing an ethereal smoky grey dress that moved sensually against her as she swayed to the music. Out of the corner of his eye he could see that he wasn’t the only person who had been drawn by the almost magnetic sound of many inebriated girls laughing about something that was likely to do with sex.

Deciding that he was to be the only one Katie went to bed remembering tonight, he made his way over to the group of girls, ignoring easily his glaring ex-girlfriend, and stood behind Katie’s sinuous body, moving with her as she rolled her hips and swayed faerie-like, wrapping his arms around her waist and dropping a light kiss on the bare skin of her shoulder.

As though in a dream, Katie turned in his arms, gripped the front of his cotton t-shirt in her hands and nipped lightly at the sensitive skin of his throat before slanting her mouth across his and kissing him until his eyes crossed.

It was only when Katie’s hand covered his, under her skirt, on her inner thigh, that Viktor realised he had lost control. Flushing slightly, the colour hidden by the dark shadows of the club, he moved his hand to cup her chin and placed another, lighter, kiss on her passion-plump lips.

Dazed and confused by what had just happened, Katie was hyper-aware that she was being stared at by more than one of the girls she had come out with. Primarily though, she was aware that Adriana was staring at her, her mouth open goldfish-wide, and anger darkening her blue eyes. Looking up at Viktor, her tongue oddly thick in her mouth, Katie smiled faintly. “Wow,” she managed to breathe before leaning in for another kiss.

Pushing him down on a sofa in darkened corner of the club, Katie straddled his hips and ground her aching centre against his denim-clad groin, desperate to ease some of her desire as she continued to kiss him. Her hands delved underneath his t-shirt, stroking his chest, teasing his already hardened nipples.

Uncaring of where he was, Viktor growled, his eyes closed, his head flung back against the cushioned wall, when Katie unsnapped the top button of his uncomfortably tight jeans and one slender long-fingered hand stroked lightly over the tip of his hard, weeping, cock.

Unsure of what exactly had driven them both to this point, Viktor slipped his hand beneath her long skirt and pushed her knickers to the side, his fingers grazing against her damp heat before stroking lightly against her throbbing clit. The scent of her arousal filled his nostrils and he wanted nothing more than to taste her. Lifting her from his lap he placed her gently on the sofa and knelt between her parted thighs, the tang of her arousal grew even stronger.

Before he had a chance to touch his lips to her, he felt a firm grip on his shoulder, “Enough of that, we’re not that sort of club…” one of the tall burly bouncers who had nodded to him with respect when he had entered the club was now standing behind him, a dour expression on his face, his eyes averted from the alluring picture that Katie made sprawled out on the sofa.

A little bit embarrassed, Viktor fastened the button on his jeans and then helped a rather quiet and mollified Katie to her feet. Wrapping one arm around her waist to prevent her from running away, he walked with her over to the club entrance. “Will you come home with me?” he whispered the words in her ear, a little afraid that she would turn him down.

Covering one of his large hands with her smaller one at her hip, Katie stood on tip-toe and pressed a kiss to the hollow behind his ear, “I always wondered what your bedroom looked like.”

With a smile he wrapped both his arms around her waist and brought her supple body close to his, and then, with his chin resting on top of her head, apparated them both back to the front door of his townhouse.

4 thoughts on “FIC: Indulgence 1/2 (Katie/Viktor) Rating: MA

  1. I linked over here from a rec for your Marcus/Katie fic, because I wanted to see if you had written more M/K. I ended up reading this instead and really enjoyed it. The insights into the Quidditch world, the sly comments about Viktor’s mothers and Katie’s shyness. I hope you continue it, and that you don’t mind my commenting.


    1. New readers are always welcome. As soon as I have managed to work my way through the many pitfalls of analysing Don Giovanni and Hume’s Discourse I will be back to writing something on this fic which is half finished on my desktop.


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