F*cking Faulty DVDs

I bought a pack of DVDs to record my eps of VM on…why is it that in every pack of five you are guaranteed one shitty one that won’t let you record on it, and it’s always when you are running late that you select that one and nothing records on it! I am so PISSED, I missed the first 10mins of VM and this is the repeat…BASTARD companies!

5 thoughts on “F*cking Faulty DVDs

  1. Aargh! Been there done that. DVD burning technology appears to be at the same dodgy stage that CD burning used to be at.

    The only advice I can offer is to stick with a brand that works for you, as not all media is created equally. After a nightmarish round of coaster creation, I found that slowing down the burn speed helped enormously on large burns.


    1. With a DVD recorder (one of the proper ones) it doesn’t quite work that way, you can’t tell what the burn speed is. It seems no matter what brand you use there is always one you chuck, and these just happen to cost slightly more than the CDs – why is it that there isn’t a warning on the pack “this is the crap one” it would help so much, instead of taking 10mins to read a disc that it won’t record on.


      1. I don’t use a software, it’s not a DVD-r in my computer, it’s one of those VCR replacements 🙂


      2. Ahh. You’re at the mercy of whatever’s hard-coded into the box. Bugger.

        My experience with DVD players has been that the more expensive they are, the more they bitch and moan and foul up. Cheaper and nastier players behave much better. Don’t know if that translates across to the stanalone recorder aspect, as I only have the PC equivalent to work off and they’re wiggy enough.


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