FIC: That was the Love that Was L/V (Mature)

TITLE: That was the Love That was
RATING: M (for language and insinuation only)
WORD COUNT: 1,000 exactly
SHIP: None (although mentions of L/V, and L/D)
SPOILERS: Not sure, haven’t yet seen any of season 2 (although I have episodes 1 and 2 on CD already thanks to a wonderful friend). To be safe “all of season 1” and perhaps “season 2 so far” although I have no idea how accurate, if at all.
SUMMARY: Logan and Veronica have a confrontation that could have been far more productive.

He was staring at her again. He was just sitting in the corner of the sheltered eating area, far enough away from the outcasts to not be one of their number, yet not close enough to the 09er table to be considered one of them either.

Ever since that fight with Duncan he had been avoiding the people he had once classed as his closest friends, despite the fact they only accepted his brash sarcastic manner because of who his father happened to be.

Shifting uncomfortably in her seat next to Duncan, Veronica glanced over her shoulder to where Logan was seated, staring at her intently, he wasn’t even blinking. She tilted her head slightly to the side, signalling that she would talk to him, and then, with a light kiss to Duncan’s slightly flushed smooth cheek, took her leave of the table, her over-heavy book bag slung casually over her shoulder.

“I’m sorry,” he said the moment the door to the ground floor girls’ toilets swung shut behind her.

“I’ve moved on,” Veronica said, her voice strained, her statement almost overlapping his.

Leaning back against the fake marble counter, Logan folded his arms across his chest and stared at her, his expression almost insolent – reminiscent of the boy he had been only a few months before. “So the sex is that good then? You’ve forgiven him for fucking you when you were drugged?” he paused for a moment, taking a deep breath as if trying to reel him his temper. “For fucking you when he thought you were his sister?”

Veronica sucked in a breath, his words were like a slap to her face, and staggered a little as she fought against the intense burning pain in her chest. Did he think that she hadn’t ever thought about this, about what Duncan’s agonised revelation actually meant? “That is none of your business…” she closed her eyes for a moment and dug her fingernails into her itching palms, resisting the urge – however delicious the urge really was – to slap him.

Smirking in a way that made Veronica’s palms itch even more, Logan shook his head, “Ronnie…Ronnie…Ronnie…when are you going to realise that everything you do is my business?” He pushed away from the counter and walked over to stand in front her, one hand raised to brush a few stray strands of her fringe out of her eyes, his touch tender.

Narrowing her eyes at him, Veronica took a step away, swatting at his hand as though it were a nuisance insect. “I don’t want this conversation again, Logan. We’re through and that’s all there is to say about it.” She walked over to the door and kicked the small door stop out of the way with an angry foot before tugging open the door and moving into the throng in the corridor.

The door closed with a silent whoosh of air, leaving Logan knowing full well that he had completely screwed up. He banged his head, hard, against the wall a few times, wondering if he would ever be able to recover the ground he had lost so quickly to the ever-rich, ever-tortured, ever-freaky Duncan Kane.

The fight to be with Veronica Mars had, to begin with, been all that their relationship was about. A little bit of illicit fun, a way of, secretly at least, having something that his best friend wanted, without him knowing. Once the truth had come out, at the ‘birthday’ party that never really was, part of the sparkle had gone, but the lust remained, and he had wanted nothing more than to sink between her thighs and be absorbed into that little bit of Veronica that he was sure no one else had ever known.

He had been so sure that they were getting there, and over the summer they had come so close, but then Duncan, the golden boy, the boy who had everything that Logan had ever wanted – and more, had returned from the family house in the Hamptons, revved up, recovered, and ready to get back with the girl who really wasn’t his sister, and never had been!

Logan had been confident in his allure; that he would be able to keep Veronica to himself, but, like all women, she was fickle. He had watched, his heart almost audibly breaking, as she turned away from him and virtually leapt into Duncan’s arms.


Visibly shaking, Veronica slid into her seat next to Shelly Pomeroy in homeroom and pulled out the large binder containing her Poli-Sci class-notes. She didn’t want to talk to anyone right now.

Logan had changed, and now some of his obsessive behaviour actually frightened her. Sometime between discovering the truth about Lilly’s affair with his father, and the moment when Veronica had walked out without seeming to have any regrets he had become someone she barely recognised. She had tried to stay; the kissing and touching alone would be enough to make any sane girl think twice about ending it, but everything else was too much to cope with, and Duncan had needed her.

Doodling on the edge of her notepad, the words on the page in front of her swam, blurring into indecipherable swirls and curls as she remembered things she was so much better off forgetting.

Logan slipped into the back of the classroom and sat down quietly at his desk. Feeling frustrated and annoyed that now she wouldn’t even look in his direction, he slumped down in his seat and focussed on the textbook on the table. Sitting a few desks down, to Logan’s right, Duncan was unable to ignore the looks that Logan kept casting in Veronica’s direction. With a calculated expression on his face, he made a mental note to make sure Logan didn’t get in the way again, he knew, better than anyone, what damage Logan could do when provoked, and if there was one thing, other than the obvious, that Veronica Mars was good at doing, it was provoking Logan Echolls.

Can you believe that I actually wrote something that wasn’t Harry Potter? It’s been a long while since I wrote anything VM, but here it is.

4 thoughts on “FIC: That was the Love that Was L/V (Mature)

  1. Honestly, I have no idea why I’m doing this. I’m IMing you right now, clucker.

    Good fic, but you already knew that, because I’ve already told you. You’re so strange.

    ~Laura (in case you have no clue who this is)


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