Broadband and Other Internet Horror

Yep, my broadband is still down, it has been officially 10 working days since I called them up and told them that it wasn’t working, and it has been officially 5 working days since someone did anything about reordering it (sometimes I wonder why they bother having anything electronic in any building because they don’t bother to make use of it).

Anyway, I got to work yesterday and they have announced an internet/email usage corporate policy which is active as from the end of next week. Nobody has had a chance to read it as it is currently not loaded onto the corporate website, but it is about people using the internet during working time for anything other than work pursuits, and the same for email. This means that anyone I normally get in touch with during work hours whether through work email addies or home ones, will no longer be hearing from me during the day.

Do they think that we don’t do enough work? It’s not as though visiting the AOL site to check home mail, or the site to book hotels is actually going to put them over their corporate limit, but then it is their internet so they can make the rules.

With any luck next week a meeting about life/work balance will have me able to sort it so that I finish at 5.15 and perfectly able to get the 5.30 bus home rather than waiting until 6, you would not believe the difference a 15min earlier leaving time would make to my life, catching the 5.30 bus would get me home at 6.10 rather than 6.50!

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