Useless Morons

I would have typed this up yesterday, but I was still seething just a little bit.

I called up AOL again on Friday evening when I got home, having remembered that my order should have been processed and my connection in progress…anyway, apparently it wasn’t.

I got off the phone and was very tempted to throw my phone out the window because apparently the order they told me was being processed hadn’t even been put through their system. My line was still ceased, my service still cancelled, all because they’re absolute IDIOTS!

This guy wasn’t at all repentant about the fact I am still paying for a service I am not getting. I am so officially making a complaint about this, I am furious that not only did I make over 5 hours of calls to them (four hours and fifty minutes of paid calls more than I ever make in a quarter) but I spent much precious time waiting for them to sort something out that they didn’t do.

Needless to say, I am pissed off about their attitude and complete incompetance. Everytime I get an email from them offering me a new service I want to scream, but even better was the email just yesterday suggesting that I upgrade to broadband!!!

2 thoughts on “Useless Morons

    1. You do have one: Otelo: Ombudsman Service for public communication providers and their customers.

      The service is free and it will be worth having a chat with them for advice.


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