Happy Birthday spankerella

Well, I have spent the last three days trying to get smut in this…it didn’t want to happen but I like, and I hope that you do too…

Luna sat down on the edge of the sofa in the only cosy room in the Malfoy house and stared blankly into the flickering flames of the fire in the brick hearth. Ginny sat opposite her, one hand over her slightly curved stomach, a concerned expression on her face. “What’s wrong?”

Fighting back the tears that were gathered in her eyes, Luna spoke with a choked voice, “I think that Blaise is seeing someone else.”

Anger flowed through her so quickly that Ginny had to battle to hold in her outburst. Knowing that if she showed Luna the slightest bit of sensitivity the younger girl would break into a thousand pieces, she rang the bell beside her chair and summoned Matty, one of the kitchen house elves. Ginny greeted the newest member of the household with a smile, “Please could bring Miss Lovegood a cup of hot chocolate with lots of whipped cream and I’ll just have my usual pickle and banana sandwich, thank you.”

With a small nod of his head, the little elf was gone, back to the kitchen and Ginny was left with Luna, feeling more than a little bit helpless.

“I’m sorry, I know that you need to hear about this like you need a hole in the head. I just didn’t know who else to talk to.” Luna buried her face in her hands, her shoulders shaking as she was overcome with tears.

Pushing herself up from the well-cushioned chair slowly and awkwardly, Ginny walked across the room and sat down beside Luna, curling one arm comfortingly around her shoulders. “I’m sure that it’s not that bad. What’s happened?”

After a few minutes, Luna raised her head, her face was stained with tear tracks and her eyes were red-rimmed. She wiped her eyes with the back of her hand and sniffed indelicately. “He keeps on making excuses not to see me. I think he’s bored with me, Ginny. And I thought it was going so well.”

Ginny was going to kill him, slowly. She was going to break every single one of the tiny bones in his feet and work her way up until she reached his thick skull. Of course she would have to get Draco to help her! Of late her boyfriend had become more than a little protective of her, possibly because she had been ordered to rest and take it easy for the last two months of what had so far proved to be a rather difficult pregnancy. Feeling totally helpless, Ginny asked the only thing she could think of, “Have you asked him what’s going on?” The moment the words left her lips she realised how stupid they sounded, and how little they were actually likely to help her heartbroken friend.

“I tried, he just keeps on stuttering and cutting off the connection. I just want to know what I did wrong. Was I too clingy or something?” Luna refused to cry any more over this. She was sure that Ginny must think she was coming unglued over this. So what if Blaise was just throwing two years of perfectly wonderful sex down the toilet.

Feeling at a loss and, by now, very sure that something was going on – although she had no idea what – Ginny patted Luna’s back in a way she hoped was comforting. She knew that she had to find out more about what was going on, and wondered how she would persuade Draco to help her find out what was behind this sudden distancing thing Blaise was doing.

After drinking the almost scalding hot chocolate that had appeared on the table in front of her, Luna hugged Ginny tightly and pulled her thick winter cloak on. “I really should be getting back. I need to put the paper to bed tonight, Dad has another date!” Her voice lacked all the enthusiasm that she normally expressed when talking about The Quibbler and for the first time Ginny took in the dark purple bags under Luna’s eyes and the paleness of her skin that spoke of many sleepless nights.

“I am sure that Colin is perfectly capable of that, Luna. Maybe you need to go home and get some sleep.”

Eyes darkening with anger, Luna took a few deep breaths in an effort to control her sudden flare of temper. “Don’t you think I’ve tried? Every night I go home to that empty flat and every night I am sure he’s going to floo me, or visit me, or something, anything… Every night I go to bed without hearing from him. I just want him to tell me what I did wrong, what I could do to make it better.”

At a loss for words, Ginny sat back further on the sofa and watched, helpless to do anything else, as Luna threw a handful of green powder into the fireplace and walked through it.


Luna had only just fallen asleep at her desk in the dark Quibbler offices when she heard the main doors open and close. The sound of the alarm going off in the print room startled her enough that she banged her head on the corner of the old oak desk when her elbow slipped.

Blinking to adjust her eyes as the overhead light in her office was switched on, Luna was sure that she must be dreaming. Standing in the doorway, a rather embarrassed expression on his face, a large bouquet of daisies in his arms, was Blaise.

Hardening her heart, using her memories of the last few weeks of loneliness, of his avoidance, Luna glared at him and tapped a finger absently on a pile of papers on the desk in front of her.

For the first time in his life Blaise Zabini was about to do something he had never even considered, he was going to apologise for being a git. When Ginny had flooed him, demanding he visit her, he had been more than a little curious. Unfortunately when he got there he had been very tempted to turn right back round and leave. In her fury she had forgotten the power that her unborn child held, objects were flying, unchecked, around the room, and a harsh wind was lashing at his skin. Even through the shirt and jacket he wore he could still feel the cold.

“I’m sorry,” he said the words quietly, but they hit Luna as though he had yelled them. She pushed her chair away from the desk and stood up slowly, walking over to him all the while feeling as though she was wading through a thigh-high pool of jelly. “I didn’t mean to neglect you…” He was laying all his pride out on the floor at her feet and he had never felt so naked.

Taking a deep breath, Luna reeled in her anger, determined that she was going to give him a chance to tell her what had been happening, what had been going through his brain. Unfortunately her sensible side wasn’t loud enough. Raising one hand she slapped him around the face. The sound of her palm hitting his cheek echoed loudly in the room.

Blaise took a step back and, with a small smile on his quickly-reddening cheek, held out the bouquet of slightly wilted large daisies. “I got these for you.”

Feeling just a little bit guilty, Luna accepted the flowers that he held out to her and dropped them lightly onto the desk, “Do you really think that flowers can make up for ignoring me?”

Deciding that honest, where Luna was concerned at this point, was probably the very best policy, Blaise shoved away all that ingrained we do not make excuses for our actions Slytherin attitude and closed a hand around one of her wrists, tugging her gently towards him. “I really am sorry, Moon girl. Let me make it up to you. I didn’t mean to forget all about you. I thought about you every night.” His body rioting, his hormones screaming for control, he was unable to resist the urge to guide her captive hand down to his crotch, groaning when she cupped him through his trousers and squeezed gently. They had both been this route so many times. Some nights he had attempted to take her on a date, they had managed to make it as far as the front door before he had pushed her up against the wall and covered her mouth with his.

Closing her eyes, Luna let the moment overtake her, but just for a few seconds. How dare he treat her as though she was an object. So what if he had thought about her at night, she knew that just meant he had wanked thinking about her, that wasn’t enough anymore. “If your hand is such a good companion, Blaise then perhaps you should…” she didn’t get to continue the sentence. Blaise wrapped his arms around her waist, lifted her up a little and planted a kiss on her lips, effectively silencing her. For a few seconds she pushed against him, trying to get free, but then his tongue snaked into her mouth and she was lost.

Minutes later Luna’s mind was fuzzy with lust and almost every one of Blaise’s presumed transgressions had been pushed to the back of her mind, but she was always a reporter, and reporters were always curious. “Why did you come here tonight?”

“Someone pointed out that I was being an idiot…” Even before he finished the sentence he could see Luna’s face darkening in anger. He shouldn’t have mentioned that someone else had to tell him he was being a jerk.

Luna took a step back and looked up at Blaise through lowered lashes, “Someone pointed it out to you? You mean you didn’t realise before?” Folding her arms protectively across her chest, she leaned back against the table where the weekend Quibbler supplement was being laid out.

Blaise was racking his brains. He had shown up unexpected – women liked surprises, or at least that is what his past experience had taught him. He had brought her flowers – another big yes where getting a woman to forgive you was concerned. Most importantly – he felt for the small box in his pocket he had picked up from the dresser as he headed out the door – he had brought the ring, the main reason for coming to see her tonight.

In the distance he heard the chime of the Hogsmeade Chapel bell as it rang in the next day. With a glint in his eye he purposefully strode forward, pulling the small box from his pocket as he did so. “Happy birthday, Luna.” With a suave flick of his wrist, the box in his hand opened revealing a daisy-shaped pendant with an usual orange stone in the middle.

Unable to control her reaction, Luna reached her fingers out and brushed them across the delicate silver petals. “You remembered,” her voice was hushed, and she was unable to stop the large smile from spreading across her face.

Feeling as though at some point in his relationship with Luna he had become completely sappy, he lifted a hand and cupped her chin, “I wanted to be the first person to say it…”

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday spankerella

    1. I thought this was the perfect gift. I was unable to get out to get you a card and this was the next best thing 🙂

      Blaise/Luna is so rare, wish we could convert more people.


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