Pride and Prejudice

Despite my misgivings (not only about the film) I went out this evening to see Pride and Prejudice.

While I will not dispute that it was a cinematic wonder, I will say that, for me at least, Matthew MacFadyen (he of Spooks) made a CRAPPY Darcy. I don’t know if I have been spoiled by the BBC mini-series or something, but Colin Firth is far superior.

It starts with clips of the countryside, and Lizzie Bennet (played by Keira Knightley) walking along reading a book…I couldn’t help feeling that there should have been some kind of narration, especially for the “It is a truth universally acknowledged…” line.

Keira Knightley is starting to get a mild case, in my opinion, of over-exposure. She’s in everything or at least that is the way it seems currently.

The film is filled with girlish giggling (as is the book really), and Mrs Bennet is played wonderfully by Brenda Blethyn (from Saving Grace), a desperate woman who is obviously a manic depressive, emotionally unstable, her moods up and down like a yoyo.

Mr Bingley was played by someone called Simon Woods (who I don’t recognise at all, but he would have made a very good fop!), and he (as the character) appeared to be missing a sister and a brother-in-law. I can’t help wondering why they trim bits out like this when it is a book that more generations have read than they have read Harry Potter. Needless to say my friend laughed when I said (at the end of the film) “But they missed some characters out!”

My real gripe had to be that Matthew MacFadyen resembles Alistair McGowan (for people who have no idea who I am talking about here is a picture) with a prosthetic nose on his face. Everytime he strode across the screen and said his lines too fast in a very empty and extremely un-sexy voice I had to bite my lip to hold back the giggles…

My overall judgement of the film is that it was good but as with everything that is adapted from something else, the cast could have been rejigged a bit and been a lot better (especially Darcy – Colin Firth where are you when we need you?).

I will give the film one (1) thumb up…it wasn’t overly long but they missed bits and changed bits that didn’t need changing, it seemed just so they could fit in more pretty English countryside.

Feel free to disagree (in fact, if you do please post 🙂 I love reading the opinions of others)…

2 thoughts on “Pride and Prejudice

  1. I’ll reserve my opinion for when I see it. It got pushed back here, and doesn’t come out for another month and a half. I’m fairly certain I’ll have issues. Because no one’s Colin Firth except damned Colin Firth, you know?


    1. I know exactly what you mean. Tonight is the last night it is playing in my local movie theatre, so I put off seeing it until the last minute BECAUSE of the casting of Darcy, who is my ultimate lust object in literature, Colin Firth really is the part and seeing someone else playing him (especially someone who said “I refused to see the BBC version because I didn’t want to be influenced” when it was apparent he needed the influencing to be honest), almost broke my heart.


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