Internet Update

They are still a bunch of useless idiots! I haven’t reached a stage any further along than I had on Friday when I posted my first entry about the online situation.

Being totally honest if it weren’t for my huge usage issue I would go across to another IP and tell the one I am with to stick it.

I waited almost all morning for my phone to ring on Saturday and heard nothing at all, as though they considered (which they likely do) that one customer is not important…that sort of opinion bugs the heck out of me, because I pay them to provide me with a service, in fact I am still paying them for said service and I am not getting it – this is down to their incompetence, not mine!

Anyway, called again on Saturday afternoon and because my service is currently dial up (which, for anyone who is using it I apologise, is absolute f*cking hell), they put me through to the wrong department, and told me that I had to have dialled wrongly because their service doesn’t make mistakes (EXCUSE ME???). After 10mins I was put through to another department, and then 10mins after that I was put through (finally) to someone who a) spoke English b) said my name correctly and c) knew what they were talking about (or at least seemed to – it seems that you can never tell these days)…I will say that I am sick of the patronising tone of voice they take on when they are talking to customers (as though they think we are thick).

This guy has assured me (HA! will believe it when my phone rings) that he is going to phone me back. Apparently they don’t often get asked to find out what the problem is, people must be daft if they just call up and take the IP’s answer as gospel, because so far I have come to the conclusion that the IPs talk a pile of dog do when it comes to problems…again mentioned that I wanted to make a complaint about the problem I found myself facing, and was again told that if I wanted to complain I would have to email them! (uh huh, this way they get out of having to answer you I guess).

Spoke to my mum on Saturday too – my nan does talk such rubbish sometimes, she was trying to tell my mum about the situation (I don’t know what she was trying to explain exactly) but my mum seemed to get the impression that I was a) dropping out of college because of this, b) having my computer taken away and c) couldn’t pay my bills!!! What is my nan on? If someone can tell me what happens to old people the minute they open their mouths I would be supremely grateful.

Needless to say I am not enjoying my time on dialup, and with every minute that passes as I wait for a page to load I grow that much closer to throwing something at the idiots that cut my line and didn’t bother to inform me about it…I have already reached that point with my IP who seem intent on selling me more of their services when I am still paying them for one that I currently can’t even get!

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