You will notice that my online presence over the next few weeks is extremely limited. No, this isn’t because I am busy (although I will be considerably busier than normal). It is because BT are f*****g morons and have managed to cut my broadband line! Yep, you did read that right. Currently I am having to rely on the crap that is dial-up because although I am paying through the nose for broadband, I currently don’t have access to a broadband enabled phoneline.

At the moment I am trying very hard to breathe in through my nose and out through my mouth calmly, BUT it’s not working very well and I am seething, both inside and out. The back of my neck has overheated and I wouldn’t be surprised if I hadn’t blown a few blood vessels because of this situation.

Here’s the rundown.

Me, last night, surfing the net quite happily, chatting with a few people, watching a little Las Vegas.

10pm: Internet connection dies. I figure that it has just done what it has been doing for a good month or so, AOL tends to stop working when it’s tired for some reason. I tried rebooting AOL. Nothing happened.

10.15: After rebooting the entire system and being unable to get any further, I call AOL. I swear, since they changed over to pay as you call (in other words; we will charge you an effing fortune to speak to useless oiks) their help has been dreadful. First of all I speak to someone who puts me through my paces, I have to do this check, that check and the other, but still nothing is resolved. He tells me he has done all he can, perhaps I should just leave it over night!

10.45: Having spoken to one useless prick who didn’t help at all, and having been put through to the ever present but totally useless answer phone of level 2 technical support, I call again. By this time the back of my neck is as hot as hell and I am sure steam is coming out of my ears.

10.50: Finally get through to someone who (much to my irritation) calls me Ra-tchel. She is of no help, and when I tell her I want to speak to someone who can actually tell me what the f*** is going on, she hands me over to her supervisor. Now, finally someone who can say my name properly, and actually knows what they are doing. According to him my line was ceased (yep, ceased) by BT. They ask me some questions about my account, which is all paid by Direct Debit so there is no way it is out of date, and then tell me that although they can put through the paperwork to reactivate the cease order (which was apparently placed on 15th September!) they can’t do anything else for another 14 working days (nearly THREE FRIGGING WEEKS). I ask them why this happened, they put me through to another answer phone!

11.25: Give me strength. I called up the billing department. They were able to shed a little more light on the situation, confirming what I already knew about my bill being up to date, and tell me that there is another department that is currently closed who will be able to help.

12.00 midnight: I cry!

8.00am: This morning I took their suggestions from last night and call again. Get told by an idiot at AOHell to call BT as they themselves (this is AOHell) can’t do anything, nor can they give me any of the information I was assured yesterday they could.

8.10am: Call BT, get told by them that AOL was wrong, that BT can’t give me any information as apparently it’s a company called BT Wholesale that deal with Broadband connections and they would have been the ones who cancelled my line.

8.20am: Call AOL back, get through to Help (HA!) who then, after the entire story, put me through to Technical Support (again HA!) who, after basically reiterating to me what I already told them, put me through (finally) to a really helpful guy called Dwayne, who tells me exactly what went on, that it was an automated disconnection that will (of course) take up to 14 working days to correct. He has assured me that he is going to call me tomorrow to tell me whether the reconnection is going to be able to go ahead on schedule or not.

So here I am, sitting at work stewing in my own juices, unable to do anything more than warn other people with BT broadband lines (whether they use BT or any other internet provider) to check that their connections haven’t had a disconnection order put on them…You receive NO warning, you get NO email, it just dies one day and if I hadn’t probably spent my entire YEAR’s telephone allowance (a personal one of course) I wouldn’t have found out anything.

And of course it has to happen the week before VM starts, AND the week before I officially start my rather computer/internet intensive degree course!

ETA: I forgot the best bit. After all the time they took telling me that they are doing their best and that they can’t do anything else (taking up time on MY PHONEBILL) they had the gall to suggest I cut my phonebill (which is £5 for 3 months) by paying them £9.99 a month (doesn’t that make my bill higher rather than lower?) to use their new “AOL Talk” which apparently makes all phonecalls local and national free…Excuse me? I am just trying to tell you that you have no idea what you are doing and you are STILL trying to sell me something? I think that somewhere along the line they forgot “braincells a prerequisite” on their advertisements for people to work in their call centres.

4 thoughts on “Livid

  1. Fucking hell!

    You’re not the only one BT is screwing over. A story of an American trying to get the bastards to connect broadband in London came through Slashdot a few month back with very similar couldn’t give a toss overtones.

    May you have a stick and five minutes alone in a small room with the help monkey of your choice.


    1. I can’t help wondering how they let such morons run anything at all. You would have thought that when they checked to make sure my monthly line rental had been paid that I had some way of actually using the service I paid for but OH NO, nothing so logical exists in the little world where they can do basically anything they want and the customers are the ones that have to pay for it!


      1. If it takes them six weeks to put right something that THEY put wrong then believe me Watchdog is going to hear about it, and the Daily Mail and any other paper that cares to hear my ranting – apparently lots of newspapers like to hear about crummy service by ISPs and telephone companies…BT has to be the pits. Why would it take them 3 weeks to put right something that they had actually caused to go wrong? And to actually have a policy that states they will only contact ISPs…if that is the case why didn’t they contact the pillocks at my ISP and inform them they were cutting my line so they could inform me and I would have had time to repeal it before it actually went through – although there is no reason at all why they would cut my line without telling me, surely!


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