New York!

HP in New York! I have always wanted to go and spend more time there, and now people are continually talking about it. Whenever I go into the Friday chat that is what the topic always turns to – New York. The New York Premiere on the 16th November, who-all is going to be there and how many of the Undeniable girls are attending.

Problem is, I keep on counting the pennies and there aren’t many. I really want to go – don’t know why! I have an assignment due on the 18th for OU – the first of seven! And I really should not be thinking about spending the money I don’t have on something I shouldn’t really go to just because I think I should give myself whatever I want to!

I am currently sitting at my desk thinking about all the things I could do if I spent the money on something worthwhile, but then I also think about how much fun a trip to New York would be! Oh dilemmas…

5 thoughts on “New York!

  1. Well fine! Karen and I aren’t good enough for you then.

    Just kidding.

    You do realise that most of the people on that side of the Atlantic will be going “OMG HP in London. That would be soooo cool”


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