Hump Day

It’s middle of the road day, Wednesday. The day that I look forward to before Friday because it means the week is halfway over and the weekend is only a few days away. I know that it is very sad that I spend the majority of my life wishing days away, but when I do so much over time and get home in time to see my computer for just a few hours before collapsing, exhausted, into bed, I am sure you can understand why.

Yesterday evening I went shopping with a few of the girls from the office. We had all been working our proverbial butts off (realistically I should be the size of Renee Zellweger by now) all day, didn’t get out of the office until well past 6pm and we needed some retail therapy. I bought myself some new shorty pjs because I really need something to wear to bed (I am getting sick of my nan walking into my room as and when she pleases and complaining because I an naked – for goodness sake that is a comfy way to sleep!). I also bought myself The Breakfast Club one of my all time favourite movies from my teen years, and Robots I really enjoyed this when I saw it and wanted to see it without the interruption of my nephew and niece “What’s that?” “Why did he do that?” “What did he say?” As much as I love them both to bits they are not the ideal movie-going companions.

Last night I did have a bit of a giggle when I got home. The Horror Channel which is one of those tacky schlock horror stations on Sky (you know the sort – airs crap), was airing the most dreadful book to film adaptation (in my opinion) ever…Flowers in the Attic. I cringed over the awful acting of the original movie Buffy, Kristy Swanson, and the mechanical acting of Louise Fletcher and Victoria Tennant. Being honest the whole thing was rather traumatic to my mind.

I have very little news, I have started to read through the course programme for my degree (as the lecturer information arrived last Friday) and I am getting a bit nervous. My first lecture isn’t until October 15th, and then I have nothing until December. Which means the month when my first assignment is due I have no help from him unless I try and arrange something. I get the feeling my lecturer is going to be of little help because of his lack of availability.

Oh well, here is me signing off for now.

Karen msgordo, if you check this, call me!!! We (that is Erinslythhearted and I) would like to arrange our yearly before-Christmas outing…

4 thoughts on “Hump Day

  1. Perhaps we need to either a) arrange a time when all of us can be online (which can be a little later than a phonecall) to chat on Yahoo (you have still got that, right?) or we need to arrange a time when you call us and we ring you back (so we know you’re there)…see, desperately trying to find solutions here…

    And laid? Me! LOL that’s funny…I nearly choked on my toffee…


  2. ::pouts:: I called at 9 and 9.20 as well and decided that you no longer love me. How can I wax lyrical about the wonder that is the DS Asylum episode and give your McShep recs if you don’t pick up the phone?


    1. Okay, so how about we say tomorrow (Thursday) at 9? Any other suggestions? I mean you know that I am ALWAYS online because I have no life outside of the computer, so anything up to 1am is fine with me…and if it looks like I am not there, I am!


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