My life – an Update

Apparently people have seen Paris (or at least my pictures of it) and want to know why I haven’t updated…so here goes, an update on my so-called (extremely dull) life…

Wednesday: Went back to work today, did two hours overtime and got home at nearly 7.30 having worked through lunch and until gone 6.30. Work is driving me nuts and I can’t stand my job.

Thursday: Only worked an hour and a half overtime today (don’t you love it when they make you account for every minute but still only pay you for your set hours?). Meant to try and get some writing done today, but didn’t manage it.

Friday: Thank goodness it’s the end of the week…did nothing much, only did 45mins overtime today, had a proper lunch break when I went out to try and find a dress (yep, you did read that right) to wear to my niece’s birthday party on Sunday.

Saturday: Why is it when I have the opportunity to sleep in I don’t? Woke up at just gone eight and had done the shopping for my niece’s birthday present by 10. She wanted some stuff for the (rather expensive) dolls’ house that my mum and sister have bought her, which is furnished with everything except the bathroom (with collector’s stuff I might add).

Sunday: A party with 15 screaming 5-year olds. Yep, my idea of a good time indeed. Thank everyone that it was over after 2 hours and then all the kids went home. I wanted to as well, but as family I wasn’t given the option. Why do they make kids’ toys so difficult to get out of the box? It took me nearly 20 minutes to help a Bratz doll escape from her packaging.

Monday: Back at work again. The weekend just goes too quickly, why can’t it be three days instead of two? I did 90mins overtime (again unpaid) and I really hate my job!

Well, there you go, an update on my life for the last few days…happy?

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