My Paris Trip

After one and a bit days of working on it, the site displaying all of the ‘decent’ pictures that I took on my three days in Paris is finally up and running.

It can be found here

Hope you enjoy.

2 thoughts on “My Paris Trip

  1. Wow, those pics are great. I especially love the one in the “Other” section. I have no idea what is it but its cool. The yellow thing on the roof of the building. I would say gargoyle but it looks like no other gargoyle I have ever seen.

    Speaking of: I love gargoyles. They are just amazing. I snickered when I read your note about how they were used for water drainage. Anyone who has ever watched the cartoon or read fic about the cartoon “Gargoyles” knows that. Its rather amusing when you think about it actually.

    Well you certainly packed a lot in for only being there three days. I am glad you had a good time. Hmm, perhaps I should take a trip of my own? I’m not big on pics though so no website making for me.


  2. As I said earlier today, they’re beautiful pics, hon. I am so glad that you got the opportunity to have a bit of a break and truly relax.
    Thanks so much for all your help!


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