Saturday Part 2

It is now nearly 6pm and I am exhausted. I have just had a nice long soak in the bath after visiting the following:

The Rodin Museum: OMG I never thought I would get to see The Kiss and The Thinker but now I have and they were amazing. The marble sculpture (The Kiss) isn’t exactly how I imagined it would be, but it was still fantastic and I am so pleased I went. The Thinker is in bronze and in a small garden at the front of the huge property where Rodin did much of his work when he moved there. I have a watch now that has The Thinker on it – I needed a watch (at least that is what I am now telling myself) 🙂

Les Invalides: I didn’t get any pictures of this – apart from one of the dome from the Rodin Museum gardens. This where Napoleon is interred. The building itself is amazing, but a rather long walk for just the one thing I wanted to see.

Notre Dame: Yep, I had to go here and I was actually moved to (embarrassing though this is to admit) tears by the sheer wow factor this building holds. I never felt much going into churches or cathedrals at home, but I was forced to sit and think for a while when I wandered around this fantastic building. I also went and saw the treasures that they have in the crypt, wow, some of these books, okay they are religious, but they are beautifully bound and I imagine if they were out of the glass cases they would smell fantastic (I am a book whore and love the smell of old books above everything).

Here is the point where the weather turned to shite and it started to pour down, but heck, I am British and a little bit of rain won’t deter me from doing what I intend.

After Notre Dame I went to eat (where I nearly broke my neck – I stupidly thought that a spiral staircase going down to a cellar was just another way into the restaurant and in front of everyone took a blind step before realising that I could quite easily have taken a fatal [or at least very painful] dive) and then went for a bit of a wander. I found myself heading down the Seine a little way before heading back down to the RER/Metro station where I caught a train heading in the wrong direction and found myself arriving at Musee D’Orsay rather than a station that would take me in the direction of Montmartre (I am thinking I will have to come back if I want to see that because I don’t want to see the Sacre Coeur enough to deviate too much from tomorrow’s relatively relaxing last day in Paris.

Musee D’Orsay: I didn’t bother going in, looked at it from the outside and then saw the bus I wanted to catch pull up at a stop on the other side of the road…I took a little time to take in the building itself, which is pretty amazing, a converted train station and then hopped on the tour bus which went in the direction of Champs Elysee.

Champs Elysee: I don’t know why, but I never thought that the Arc de Triomphe was as big as it actually turned out to be. I have no idea what made me think it was so much smaller, but it is enormous. I have some pictures and will be uploading them later on today, when I have found somewhere I can buy a CD to save all the pictures on (might have to wait until I get to the station and then I can do the job on the train!).

Here is where I got totally lost. Instead of heading to anywhere but where I ended up, I went into the Louvre. Nope, didn’t see Venus de Milo, also didn’t see the Mona Lisa (not interested in either of these things). I went to the museum to see the extensive collection of Egyptian art and artefacts they have managed to put on display in this museum that is so HUGE I have never seen anything like it. The glass pyramids over the main lobby of the museum are beautiful in their strangeness and I made sure to get a few pictures of them before heading into the building for 2 hours of foot-aching walking around the best Egyptian exhibition I have seen since the King Tut tour when I was a child. As I wandered around I couldn’t help thinking “Josh would love this” or “Dad would have loved to see all these sarcophogii” I made sure to get a load of pictures.

Next stop – back to the hotel to soak my feet. I am exhausted, but it is a good kind of tired rather than the tired I have been experiencing for the last few months, my legs hurt from all the walking – but that is also a good thing (it was all exercise).

I am going to go out and eat tonight, although I have no idea where and right now I am so comfortable and relaxed after a lovely soak in the bath that I don’t want to go out again (and it’s still raining).

I have decided that I am going to put a webpage together with pictures of my stay from start to finish, purely because it would take me so long to upload all of them to this machine (Draco doesn’t like to cooperate with anyone for some reason)…but I will put a link to it here, and I will also be putting up a few of the images from today – just so you can see I really didn’t languish in my hotel room 🙂

4 thoughts on “Saturday Part 2

    1. I have been very careful. I have just come back from a very nice meal at a tiny restaurant near to the hotel and now I am back in my room looking over my booty from today (and that’s English meaning for booty!!!).


  1. Hi! You don’t know me, lol, but I found your journal through the friends page. I hope you don’t mind my commenting. 🙂

    I was in Paris last year, and reading your entries makes me giddy with excitement all over again. I too was moved to tears by Notre Dame, and I’m not a very religious person either. There’s just something about it. Have you had a chance to visit St. Chappelle, yet? If not, I highly reccommend it. Stunning and breathtaking.

    How long are you staying? I only had two and a half days, but they were some of the best days of my life! I desperately want to go back and see everything I missed, lol.


    1. I didn’t get to St Chappelle. Unfortunately the second night had me struck down with food poisoning which caused problems and set back my third and final day (I was there for 2.5 days too)…am going to write up my final day and finally post pictures 🙂

      Thank you for proving that I am not the only one who cried at Notre Dame without having any religious affiliation.


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