Paris Here I Come

I am flocking this post for one reason and one reason alone…it’s about mental health!

I went to the psychiatrist today. He was very nice but part of me wonders why I went. I know I need help, I know that I am not the happy-bunny I should be, but am I really so bad that I need 4 weeks of intensive 2-day therapy? At the moment all I am trying not to focus on is how work is going to react. I can just imagine how they will pretend not to be angry about it but be angry, seething and irritated nonetheless.

I came away thinking OMG what am I going to do. My stomach sank through the soles of my trainers as I walked up to the station. This is going to set me back a fair bit financially if they can’t sort something out with Bupa.

Have I agreed to the right course of treatment?

On another note, I am heading to Paris in just over 7 hours. Another thing I am feeling a bit nervous about. I don’t know if the shrink was trying to make me feel better or worse, but he told me that the nights are the worst bit, all that time alone. I did point out that although I share a house with someone, I don’t tend to do much more than spend time alone…

Well, I will be updating you all on what is happening in Paris as I post various tidbits about my holiday along with pictures!

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