Well as so many movies tout, there is nothing like Paris, and in just two days I am going to get to find out for myself – well, two days, 23 hours and 34 minutes really as I will be arriving at Gare du Nord at nearly 3.59pm.

I am going to be spending 3 days in Paris, the city of lights, romance and art, in a small, but exclusive hotel from where I will be able to continue updating my lj, surfing the net and chatting in the evenings when I get back from touring around.

I was umming and ahhing and very nearly didn’t book anything, but having actually had to fight to get the time off I finally realised that it would be a complete waste of battle if I did nothing but sit at home and surf the net all day.

Paris here I come – well, come Friday morning anyway. I am travelling on Eurostar, spending two nights in a 4* hotel and spending three days wandering around the beautiful sites from where I will bring back probably hundreds and hundreds of photographs (none of them will be of me!).

I am sitting here right now squeeing in excitement…SQUEEEEEEEEE

2 thoughts on “Paris

    1. AOL does that quite alot.

      And yes, I am looking forward to it now. I think that it’s something to do with actually having done it. Because I was afraid of going I made it seem so much bigger an issue than it really was.

      Thank you for helping talk sense into me! Oh and if MSN or Yahoo are any better it’s dawnie_wood at on MSN and pagan_ianthe on Yahoo!


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