A Mixed Bag

Today was a bit of a mix. I had that interview this morning, and by the time I go tthere I didn’t care whether I got it or not. Not that it wasn’t the sort of job I could do with my eyes closed and one hand tied behind my back, but it was just another job, and a very uninformative interview, no personnel rep (again) and very little info provided about benefits, salary or anything else for that matter.

This afternoon I spent with my nan, my sister and her three children. I took over 70 photos (again I was picture happy) and I absolutely love some of the more arty ones that I managed to take…here is one that is less artistic and more showing the very “Little Madam” side of my niece and “impersonator” side of my youngest nephew. There was another picture opportunity which I missed which had my oldest nephew stalking down the football pitch like a model wearing heels…that kid really is a riot!

This second pic is my absolute favourite of the afternoon…I managed to catch Ellie when she wasn’t posing for the camera.

On another note, the pain is still there and the horrid taste in my mouth is something that REALLY does well to remind me that I should have been drinking more to start with…which reminds me that I really need to fill my water bottle again!

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