Strange but True

All these facts are true, but and I can’t stress this enough, they aren’t for the faint at heart – hence being put behind a cut

A woman with a longer ring finger than index finger is more likely to be promiscuous, she was exposed to more testosterone while in the womb.

Women, if they are being honest, actually get physically (although in more cases than not, not mentally aroused) by scenes of any species having sex, this is apparently so that their bodies are prepared for possibly violent acts.

No matter what her sexual orientation, romantic sex is what a woman will admit to finding arousing, but physically she is actually more likely to find rough sex (at least visually) more so.

The clitoris is actually over 9cm in length and when aroused it swells, full of blood, but is actually inside the body which means…

Women actually get an erection (pretty impressive one when you think about it) when aroused. This is something that was only discovered in 1997.

So??? I have just been watching a series sponsored in part by the Kinsey Institute all about feminine sexuality.

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