Long Weekend

Well last time we spoke (in a figurative way) I was all set to book a couple of extra days off for my mental health…if only the bastards at work realised that having not had a full week off since February I am in need of a break. They let me take the holiday and then had the bloody cheek to ask Zoe (who left yesterday) to come in, and they got really nasty when she (rightfully) said no!…I ended up cancelling my extra two days off and now have two weeks in which to fit them in or else I won’t be getting any holiday until the end of October when everyone else in the department has finished taking their breaks.

I am just extremely relieved that I have got three days off due to a bank holiday, so I go back into the office on Tuesday and then have my long-time booked Thursday off for that job interview.

Did something nice and creative today, have redesigned my lj (yet again), it’s nice and pretty (in a dusky rose colour to match the colourisation I only recently figured out how to do and am now going overboard on).

I fully intend to put some of this weekend to good use and write the next part of the ‘overdue’ Viktor/Katie fic, I just need to get the creative juices flowing.

Oh, if anyone likes the icons, the only one that isn’t takeable is the two-part Luna that is my default.

3 thoughts on “Long Weekend

  1. I totally LOVE the new layout. I’m chaning mine soon…I think. I don’t know though. And your fic will be done soon…I promise. I just have to get the few kinks out…literally. LOL. And I had to go to work today, so I went to bed early last night.


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