I think that today I p*ssed in someone’s paddling pool.

Every single day I get copied in on emails that have no bearing on the job I do – at least I think they don’t until I get a message from someone saying “Why hasn’t this been done yet? the deadline was this morning.” Not anywhere on these emails does it mention “Rachel you are meant to do this” or “Rachel can you get this back to me by the end of play today”…nope, in fact, not anywhere is my name even mentioned yet it appears that I am meant to be a mind reader and do the things mentioned so briefly as to be ignored by everyone until it is overdue and then I get it in the neck.

Anyway, back to the reason why I think I did something wrong. I actually said today “Why am I getting no notification that these things need to be done?”

Someone then asked me what I meant and why I kept saying that I didn’t know anything about this task that keeps on getting given to me and because I am not aware it is being given to me I am not doing it. I told her straight, “Normally with a project I get involved from the beginning, people email me, inform me that something is coming up and then I get on with the tasks I have been given. When I haven’t even been informed that the project is mine and there is a deadline how am I meant to know that I am supposed to be doing it?”

Needless to say I don’t think this went down very well with the PTB, well you know what? Hard crap! I am so sick of being walked all over, of it being assumed that no matter what I will drop everything and walk on water/flaming coals to complete the tasks without any consideration for anything else. I may be a secretary but I am also a human being and as such I should get at least a modicum of respect, right?

Anyway, boss person called up my boss person who didn’t answer her phone. The moment it rang through to me, boss person hung up. She hasn’t tried to call again, or leave a message/email or anything else, but I am sure that at some point someone is going to say to me “You did something immature/stupid/wrong/disciplinary act-able/whatever” and I am going to get raked over the coals…All I ask is a bit of notification if a project is coming my way, I don’t think that is wrong, especially when the project in question actually has extremely little (if anything) to do with the departments that I work in!

So right now I am trying to ignore the feeling of an axe being sharpened over my head however difficult it might be, and waiting instead for the “stupid thing” talk which is no doubt going to happen at some point in the very near future.

4 thoughts on “Oops

  1. Well, they may not like it, but yes, I’m sorry, sometimes you *DO* have to tell people when you want them to do something. Dang. Just concentrate on not rolling your eyes if you get a talking to about it. You’re right, of course, if they wanted a mindless lemming, they should have hired one.


    1. Thank you – you reconfirmed my own beliefs that I am not being unreasonable.

      I got home and realise how awful I actually feel. I have been in tears for hours and am drained as hell.


  2. Completely Right, of course

    Actually I don’t think you are being unreasonable at all.

    You should be told that they want you to work on a project. That is the definition of a boss, after all. One who assigns projects. If no one assigns it then technically it isn’t a project yet. Its a possible project and you can’t work on something intangible.

    Of course, you could just save yourself aggravation and assume that every project in the entire company is your responsibility. But then wouldn’t that make you the president?

    Or you could be like me who has a huge project cleaning up a database which is due in a week and who has yet to start it because there is nothing more hated than database cleanup. Especially since it wouldn’t have to be done if we had been listened to before the information was imported over.


    1. Re: Completely Right, of course

      If I were president/ceo that company would be closed down and sold and I would be on the way to a country where they had never heard the name of the company…


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