FIC: Interlude: Reveries (Katie/Viktor) >16

This is an interlude, a sort of connector part between Recognition and the next (as yet) unwritten part of a sort-of series featuring Katie Bell and Viktor Krum.

Title: Reveries
Rating: >16 (definite adult material ahead, but not that naughty)
Pairing: Viktor Krum/Katie Bell
Disclaimer: The characters within are not mine, they are the property of JK Rowling, Raincoast, Bloomsbury, Scholastic, Warner Bros et al.
Distribution: This story is my creation – although the characters are not – and as such I reserve the right to submit my fic where I feel it suitable.
Feedback: If you feel I deserve it for writing this then I am not disputing you should send me some.


She thought that her body was going to splinter into a thousand pieces as his body continued to move roughly against hers. He held her hands loosely above her head and his mouth nuzzled against the sensitive skin behind one ear. The burning heat that had been simmering in the pit of her stomach suddenly exploded like a volcano and she opened her mouth on a loud moan, unable to control the shudders that overtook her…

Katie rolled over; groaning as she reached blindly for the loudly bleeping alarm clock set on her bedside table. Rubbing her bleary eyes with the back of her hand she blinked to bring the clock-face into focus, it was five-thirty, time for her to wake and get ready for her second job!

Sitting up and touching her feet to the cold hardwood floor, Katie shivered, pulling the duvet up around her shoulders as she shuffled across the small room to the small bathroom to turn on the often-temperamental shower.

Last night she had slept the best she had in months, her sleep hadn’t been plagued with nightmares of the final battle, of watching as many of her Quidditch team-mates had died fighting for their beliefs.

Dropping the duvet to the floor just outside the bathroom door, jamming the poorly hung door closed by tying her dressing gown belt around the door handle and the towel rail screwed loosely into the wall beside the bath.

Resting her head against the cool tile, Katie closed her eyes as the tepid water soaked into her hair. Over the sound of the water squirting loudly out of the showerhead, she could Vanessa moving around her room down the hall, she had probably only just returned from her night job working as a table dancer in one of the less reputable bars in Nocturne Alley.

Her dream last night had been strange but at the same time, rather comforting, images of her friends had flittered through her mind, to be replaced by the feeling of being touched, caressed, adored. Her name had left his lips on a sigh as he had moved above her, his body joined with hers intimately as they moved together, so completely absorbed in the moment. She had never seen his face, but she had been able to feel the way that she affected him.


Viktor was lying on a large dark silk-covered bed, the ceiling was made of glass and he could see a blanket of stars against a blue-velvet sky. He rolled over on the bed and wrapped his arms around the slender waist of his bed companion, burying his face in the long hair curling at the nape of her neck. His hands moved down her stomach, two fingers slipping deftly between her thighs, rubbing softly at the distended pearl he found there. She arched against him, his name a sigh on her parted lips as she reached between them, one small long-fingered hand curling around his morning erection.

In one smooth movement she was beneath him, his mouth devouring hers, his cock sliding inside her. She wrapped her legs high about his waist and her nails dug into the muscular flesh of his shoulders…

He woke up with the memory of her passion-filled cries in his ears, and the immediate need to have a very cold shower.

Longer stuff will be coming up.

2 thoughts on “FIC: Interlude: Reveries (Katie/Viktor) >16

  1. He woke up with the memory of her passion-filled cries in his ears, and the immediate need to have a very cold shower.

    No,no Viktor. You don’t want a cold shower, you want to hunt her down and seduce her!


    1. Well yes, that too, but I think that the cold shower is slightly more realistic when the only thing he has actually said to her so far is that he wants a steak and kidney pudding with mash and gravy!


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