Bl**dy Hell!

Why is it that I only work with someone sane for a brief period of time before they leave? I am now working with someone who has been with my company for a lot longer than I would stay, admittedly she only needs to walk through her back gate to get into the building’s carpark, but at the same time I think working so close to home that I could see my house out of the office window would be unbearable.

Anyway, this woman is annoying me already…she wants some swing files for her desk drawer (because of course that is the most important thing in her day, so she has just spent 20 minutes swapping stuff from one set of hanging files to another because the ones that she thinks are perfect for her drawers already have stuff in them…I would have just gone to the stationery cupboard and used the new ones that were delivered last week, but oh no, not her…she has to recycle despite the possibility that she may be using files that are needed for the stuff she has just taken out of them.

I am rambling, I know, but silly things like this bug me, and she is bugging the sh*t out of me right now…all she is worried about is how her desk looks, not how much work everyone else is doing to make her transition into the department easier (her desk was being moved so of course she just had to miss a meeting that she was an integral part of this morning)…GODDESS HELP ME, how am I going to work with this annoying pain in the neck?

Oh, as an addendum, I am going to be working on the next part of the Katie/Viktor series later on tonight (when I get home) because I feel the need to write something.

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