Oh how funny! I got up this morning at 8am when my alarm went off…What was I doing setting my alarm for 8am on a Saturday morning you might ask, well, being honest, I have absolutely no idea in fact I don’t recall setting it at all (did it really go off or was it just a hallucination?).

I’ve got another job interview. After the disaster that was Thursday and the “you are too creative and would get bored” I have got another interview, this one on 1st September – nothing like taking an age to get something sorted, so now I have nearly two weeks to wait for another one! I am trying not to laugh at the news that I have been considered for another job at the same company, but this time I am going to not say anything that might make me look as though I have a life! Obviously the people who interviewed me were only considering initiative as an idea rather than a reality!

Anyway, no further news just yet, but I am working on a fic – yep, Katie is getting some and it’s not with Marcus Flint!

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