I am livid!

I thought I would be upset when I didn’t get this job – mostly because yesterday I was sure that I had said something wrong…well apparently I did, but it’s not the sort of wrong that you expect!

Apparently it is a crime (in the employment world) to admit that you are creative, because that means (OMG) that you will get bored. For goodness’ sake, I will be bored in any job that I do because I don’t like working in an office, but there is a difference between doing what you WANT and doing what you NEED, right?

I wonder if perhaps every single person they have in the office isn’t boring as hell if that is the case.

Well, there is my news for today, currently I am pretty irate about the fact that the only thing between my ideal location and me was the fact that I have creativity…

3 thoughts on “F*ck

  1. If you have good tough shoes on, go kick over the waste bin in the bathroom. That always makes me feel LOADS better in a childish sort of way. Sometimes it’s rather scary how mirroring your life and my life can be. I think it’s fabulous to be creative. But some people are just sticks in the mud. They don’t want rainbows, they want beige.



    1. I know what you mean. I am not beige, I am rainbows with sparkly bits, but that doesn’t mean that I am that person all the time, I sometimes can pretend to be beige if necessary…I’ve been in a dull job most of my life, I don’t want my job to be too exciting, it would make the rest of my life less so!

      Kicking a waste bin sounds like a good idea.

      And yes, our lives do tend to mirror each other pretty often…All we need is for one of us to get the job we want and the other will follow 🙂


  2. Possibly one of the lamest cop-outs ever. I think it’s just a business-speak excuse for we didn’t like your hair, but we’re shallow that way or you’re obviously way smarter than the monkey we wanted to hire and may actually ask for the money the position deserves.


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