Ugh, today I don’t think went all that well. I had the interview this afternoon at 3.30 (yep, earlier than it was meant to be) and I don’t know why, but I get the feeling I didn’t make all that good of an impression on the interviewers. Oh well, no loss if I don’t get it…I don’t think that the two women (who were very nice I might add) actually knew much about anything other than the job role itself, they had no idea of the practicalities, like the salary (which they told me would be a huge drop although it’s not meant to be) or the holiday (which they admitted they had no knowledge of).

Tomorrow will be soon enough to tell, I don’t think I got it but you never know!

5 thoughts on “Meh

    1. It’s more unnerving than anything. They seem to know their jobs really well, but it was as though they just wanted to get the post filled and let someone else (who they didn’t invite to the interviews) sort out the practicalities later. I need to know salary so I can reference it against other jobs I have applied for within the same organisation.


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