Today is the first of two interviews. I admit willingly that I am using this one as a practice run for the one I really want, but I still can’t help that teeny tiny bit of nervous dread that has seeped into my system and wants to run my motor controls – I keep on wanting to pee, and my gag reflex is working overtime…I just hope that I don’t decide to throw up over one of the interviewers!

ETA: All went well. To be honest I am glad that I had already made the decision to say no (although with several internal candidates I don’t think that my decision will matter) because the job sounds more than 50% worse than the job I already have in the realms of boredom. The salary may be that much higher, but no amount of money will make me want to sit in reception in an ugly flower-patterned blue and pink shirt! And I have to laugh…as I was typing this up, they called me and offered me the job!

4 thoughts on “I-Day

    1. Thank you – I actually got the job – although I have yet to accept it as I am waiting for Wednesday’s interview, and I don’t really want to work in offices right next to the one I already work in – boy, that sounds really ungrateful, but I am hoping that my confidence levels are high enough that next week I am still feeling good about going to interviews! 🙂

      Again, thank you…


    1. Nope, have no intention at all of accepting it. I think that if I don’t get the one closer that I interview for on Wednesday then I am going to continue looking for one closer to home.


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