Operative words…job interview!

Wow. I just called up the hairdressers where I usually get my hair cut (admittedly on a very infrequent basis) to make an appointment for friday (this – and here I am basically telling you all how lazy I am – is to save me from having to get up nearly 2 hours earlier on Friday morning to wash and dry my hair – the washing is no problem, it’s the blasted drying it with a hairdryer and making it look tidy that I have a problem with). Anyway, let me just say that they were unable to fit me in with my usual hairdresser (who costs £25 for the cut and finish)…but they were ever so generous and offered me an appointment with a stylist, to do the same thing, at a cost of £52 – yep, for a trim and neaten, £52!

I said no, of course, so now I am either going to have to wake up that two hours earlier, on the one day of the week when I find it difficult already to sum up any enthusiasm to get out of bed and go to work, or find a different hairdresser.

*goes off muttering…£52…£52?*

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