The non-day comes around again

I wouldn’t go as far as saying that today has been interesting so far, but it most certainly has been different.

Getting up this morning was, as it is on any morning, more of a chore than a pleasure, but I guess I am just relieved that Monday is over, and the week has begun, even if it is far from over!

Taxi ride to work this morning was interesting. I was picked up by a driver I haven’t seen in a while. He is pretty much a jack of all trades, dealing in computers, photography, etc etc, and like most of the drivers I have met over the years, he is not a career driver, merely someone who does it to fill in time, get a little bit of extra money together and driving during the ‘off season’ for whatever job he does purely because he wants to – not that I have EVER understood that.

Anyway, that’s neither here nor there. He has a proposition for me not like that, get your minds out of the gutter – you know who you are. He is setting up a new company that does little information screens for hairdressers. Now I don’t know about the town where you live, but we have at least 20 hairdressers in my town (which is tiny for anyone who has ever been here). And he wants me to do some snappy writing for them. Yep, me!

Anyone who has ever read any of my work knows that I am not the snappy gossip writer, but I am going to give it a go…it could be extra money for me, maybe it won’t come to anything, but it is worth a try.

So there’s the interesting bit of the day done…what can I say about the rest of it? Being totally honest? I can’t say all that much at all. I have done some filing today, some archiving, edited a crappy form that someone designed, talked about the book club which I have finally decided to leave, and booked Friday afternoon off for that job interview which I am not over-keen on going to. I have also edited a status report, tracked changes in a letter and written nothing of interest about anything for my lj.

Overall I have to say I am disappointed that at 31 I still have nothing interesting to say about anything.

Can anyone help me locate my life? Or perhaps locate the one I was meant to have. I am sure that Angelina Jolie is living it (without the adoptive kids, but with Brad Pitt!).

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