But I’m not co-ordinated!

Yep, weird dream again last night/this morning. This time it involved some kind of exercise machine. Now…anyone who really knows me is aware of how much I am not into exercise, if I can have a remote control for it then I will (heck, even my mp3 player has one!).

Anyway, in this dream some woman with a skinny butt was trying to pressure me into buying this exercise thing which required co-ordination. I have none. Seriously, I am doing my belly dancing and I have to actually stop every ten minutes to figure out what the bloody hell to do with my feet (if we are meant to also do the hand movements). It’s a dire situation, but it’s plain fact. When we were being taught to swim as kids it took me twice as long as my sister – she was swimming around in the pool when I was still flapping about in the blasted armbands (floats)at the shallow end.

So, to continue, I ended up running up and down this steep hill that leads to the village square where I used to live, but I guess the strangest bit about that had to be I walked out of my front door and there it was – the hill. It’s actually 7 miles away, so was it some kind of freaky Floo incident?

In other news, I finally got a call from my sister yesterday morning (my phone is playing up a bit, I was holding it when she called yet it never rang and went straight to voicemail!) and I am going with them to Legoland (I was thinking as I took my shower this morning that perhaps sitting in a car with my mum for 2 hours this morning would be a big mistake, but too late now). I have had a shower, taken my meds (especially the allergy and anti-depressants), plaited my hair and am currently sitting in my room (obviously) typing this message that is way longer than I had intended it to be.

Which I guess is my cue to switch off. I will be home tonight bearing gifts of lots of pictures of my sister’s three children (when I spoke to my sister last night and asked her what I should bring the only thing she mentioned was my digital camera – I am guessing that somehow she managed to break hers!).

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