Fic for Slythhearted

Well I actually managed to finish it…not sure quite what you expected when you gave me this challenge, Erin, but here it is anyway.

Requirements: Dawn/Connor (post Season 7)
Words: Voldimort (misspelled deliberately); slayage; boobs; scary; queue
Mood: Relief
Rating: Any (this is 13)

Under the Clothes Action…

Dawn sat down on the floor and rested her head back against the edge of the bed, eyes intently focused on the book in her hands.

“Come on, Dawn,” Connor almost whined the words as he walked through her bedroom door and slumped back in the high-backed chair in the corner of the room. “You said that when it dark we could go out and get some slayage in before going to the club.”

Rolling her eyes and hiding a grin behind the heavy book she had been carrying about with her for almost two weeks, Dawn continued to read. “And we will. I just want to finish this chapter,” she held the book up for a moment to show him the point that she had reached, and also to prove that she had only a few more pages to read to get to the end of chapter 15.

Feeling as though he was being desperately put upon, Connor slouched down even further in the chair and watched her as she slowly, painstakingly, read each line on the page. “You’re doing it on purpose aren’t you?” he looked up at the clock ticking away the minutes on the wall above her head. “There’ll be a long queue when we get there you know.”

Eyes wide with amusement, Dawn dropped the book into her lap for a moment. “Queue? You really need to get out more. You’re spending way too much time with Wesley.” A smile still firmly fixed on her face, she picked up the book again and carried on with her reading.

Wondering what he had done to deserve being ignored, all for the sake of some book, he twisted the chair to face the small desk that Spike had fixed to the wall in Dawn’s room, and started to poke about amongst her things. He picked up and discarded several demonology texts before finding something that he knew would easily amuse him until Dawn finally decided to pay him the attention he felt his presence commanded – her diary!

Dawn tried to ignore Connor’s silent chuckles as he flipped through the blue-ink-covered pages, but after a few minutes she gave up. Carefully marking her page with the leather bookmark Willow had given her for her last birthday, she put the book down on the bed and stood up. She reached out to snatch the purple-covered notebook from his hands, but he simply twisted away, the diary clutched to his chest, a laugh leaving his lips.

Quickly tiring of trying to dodge Dawn’s energetic attempts at retrieving the small book full of her most intimate, un-shared, thoughts, Connor handed the book back to her and raised an eyebrow wryly. “So you’ve finished reading about Vold-i-mort and that Harry Potter then? Was it scary?” he made a few ‘ooooh, spooky’ hand motions.

“Grow up, jerk!” Dawn jokingly slapped him around the side of the head with her diary before locking it away in the top drawer of her dresser. Grabbing a jacket from front of the closet, she pulled open her bedroom door, pausing for a moment to look at Connor, still slouching casually in the chair. “I thought you wanted to go out.” She walked out of the room and headed for the front stairs. “If you’re lucky you might get some action later,” she giggled when she heard, rather than saw, the chair topple over as Connor scrambled out of it.

He caught up with her as she was gliding gracefully down the stairs, one hand on the banister as though she was the grand dame of the mansion or something. “You mean…” this time his hand action was a little more obvious, less spooky and more down right freakish.

“Boob…” she muttered under her breath as she turned her head to watch him, fascinated by the glint in his blue eyes, wondering what he could be thinking.

“Boobs? Finally…” he sighed the words, making no bones about staring admiringly at her chest.



2 thoughts on “Fic for Slythhearted

    1. Good 🙂 that’s what I was aiming for, something funny, lighthearted, a little ficlet that made people smile. I needed it today too.


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