Challenge me! Yep, words you hear so rarely out of my mouth. I am taking/borrowing a leaf from slythhearted‘s book and telling people to challenge me.

Logan/Veronica; Blaise/Luna; Hermione and any Weasley but Ginny or Ron (for some reason I cannot write him, I like his character but he doesn’t flow when I write him); Dawn/Connor; Hermione/Snape; even Draco/Ginny at a push…or a crossover…HP/BtVS?

Just give me the following;

Five words; emotion; couple; time scale (e.g. after Sunnydale); rating?

Have fun LOL

I am totally blocked on the fic that I have been writing for the last few days, it should have been finished by now, but nothing is happening with it, so perhaps this fabulous idea of slythhearted‘s might work for me!

4 thoughts on “Help!

  1. Give me som LoVe baby!

    Five words? You KNOW I crazy with this stuff. Record, drink, factory, robot, speaker. Emotion: amusement, and…hmm. I guess when they’re still “together” before the whole disaster of the end of the season. Rating…whatever. I’ll go for whatever you dish out.

    And that sounded AWFULLY naughty.

    P.S. Be expecting an email about me and my stoopidity.


    1. Okay, I will see what I can deliver. Unfortunately they actually found me some work to do in the office, but lunch break has to be used up somehow!


  2. I’m in the mood for some Dawn/Connor action so

    Post Season 7
    Words Voldimort, Slayage, Queue, Scary, Boobs
    Mood Relief

    I know where my mind went with this so I’ll be interested to see if you head in the same direction : )


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