Friday at Last

Let me first say this one thing…thank the goddess it’s Friday! This week has been incredibly long, dull, drawn out, and even worse than all that…depressing.

I am currently sitting in my room wishing that I had booked some holiday because I am tired, my back hurts, I have been having chronic indigestion all week and I am miserable. No…make that downright depressed as hell!

Everyone moves on, right? Well at the moment my friend at work is considering moving on and is doing a good job in the planning. She has been shortlisted for a very good, and relatively well paid (well better than where we are) job. I am not upset that she is moving on as this is what she wants…well I am, but not because she’s moving on, more because it means I am going to be left in an office full of arse-lickers in a company that I am slowly growing to realise contributes in some way to the chonic depression that makes up the majority of my life.

Anyway, on to other things.

Yesterday I went to check my pda so that I could send Laura (dream_mancer) a CD I had done for her only to discover that at some time over the night (or possibly the previous day) the batteries had died on it effectively wiping the memory from it completely.

If you are someone I have written to/phoned and you still want to be written to/phoned and you didn’t get an email/saw it and were too busy (which is understandable) then please email me with your contact details and birthday…I feel really lost without all that info at my finger tips.

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