I am applying for new jobs. I decided a long time ago that I didn’t like the one I was in, but it took the push of the department sort out to actually get something done.

With the new sort out I am working for three people who generate barely enough work to keep me going for a few hours a week, so I am left to sit and twiddle my thumbs (or in my case, write lots of fic) for hours and hours a day. While that is sort of a good thing in a way (more writing time, yay) it is also a bad one. We have to code our time to charge back to client (as many businesses now do, especially if they are American and have heard of Sarbannes Oxley bastards). Needless to say, I don’t handle boredom in the office very well. There is always the risk that they will realise they don’t need you, but what can they do about it? They can’t fire without pretty good ‘conduct’ reasons, and I hold myself well, do all the jobs I am meant to do and pretty much (now anyway) keep my head down. They can’t fire me because I have time off sick, I ALWAYS have a sick note, and I have been off sick twice this year, once in February (with note) and once in June/July.

Things are being made that much worse as another of the girls in the office, the only one I get along with, and the only other secretary on our newly formed (or rather screwed up) team has job interviews, I know that she will get one of the few jobs she has gone for, and this will leave me alone in a company I am slowly realising I dislike more than ever in a department that is shrinking as the days go on.

What would you do? I have applied for quite a few jobs, several of them within walking/cycling distance of home. I need to find something new, so I have got to go to the agencies this week and get appointments with them to register properly – this means that I am going to have to use holiday to do the interviews that you need to register with them (pain in the neck, but necessary evil).

Looking for new jobs I have realised that there is a) very little out there and b) what is out there is mostly temping/maternity cover…while that would have been good a few years ago, especially down here people are chosing to return to work, and in a time when most companies are tightening their belts, the temp is rarely (if ever) taken on permanently after the person they were working in place of returns.

Well, needed to get all that down, guess this is a little update of my life – fun isn’t it!

Slythhearted Hope you are starting to feel better
Sketchyatbest Email…
Spankerella Great that you finished the anthology story…hope things are well

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