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I want those two hours back!

This is a film review, it may contain some spoilers, in fact it probably will contain spoilers about the new Fantastic Four film.

I went and saw the film in a theatre full of young children, they would have been far better off going to see Madagascar which I went and saw last Sunday with my sister’s three children and her husband (she stayed at home to do some gardening and get some peace). Madagascar this film definitely wasn’t!

Well, it would be very easy to cop out and give you a few words instead of a nice long opinion-filled review, but I won’t. In short this movie sucked. It had very little of the canon, the characters did not resemble their comic/cartoon counterparts; Johnny Storm (Chris Evans) was supposed to be a blond surfer boy, not a Tom Cruise lookalike complete with gurn and military haircut. And as for the casting of a pretty boy actor to play Reed Richards (Ioan Gruffudd), that couldn’t have been a bigger mistake. Reed is meant to be scientific, analytical, and certainly older than the man who played him.

My criticisms on casting could have gone on and on and on, but I do have a compliment, Julian McMahon. He was superb as Victor Von Doom, the villain with the power of conducting electricity. A definite magnetic personality. He was cast well, he carried off his character incredibly considering the wooden actors he was forced to work with.

Ms Alba, please stick to doing James Cameron TV shows and bit parts in Sin City, you are not the Invisible Woman, and this particular sojourn proved it. You were monotone and annoying.

The storyline…where to start with this one? I think that they could have handled things so much better. They had the whole storyline already – if they only looked back at the original comicbook storyline, why did they have to mess with it? Were they trying to humanise their villain by making him a victim of the same asteroid/star storm that the others were involved in?

I have never understood why, if there is a problem with what they are working with/there are limitations to what they can do – why they bother at all? They should have just left the story as it was, left it at the awful Corman movie from the 80s and moved onto a set of heroes they felt they could do justice to.

My review is short and sweet, I am trying to think of more positive comments, I think that everyone should make their own judgement on a film, that’s what I always do. Reviews written by papers always have the potential to be biased in favour of one film or another coming out, there is no middle ground, despite there being that 3 out of 5 rating!

All in all I didn’t like this film, in fact I would go as far as saying if there had been a time machine in the lobby of the cinema I would have stepped into it without any pushing whatsoever and claimed those two hours back, not that there is anything else I would have gone to see in its place. If it had been another time however – next week for example – then I am sure Johnny Depp (however weird he appears to be in his latest film) would have won out over the self-confessed muscle-suit wearing Gruffudd anyday of the week!

Currently I am dreading the movie debut of Wonder Woman…if the casting rumours are anything to go by then the movie will be yet another on the “Ones to miss” list that I have been slowly drawing up – along with Bewitched, anything with Tom Cruise, and the much-anticipated (by everyone but me it seems) Da Vinci Code. Am I the only person who thinks that Tom Hanks is a chronic mis-casting for Robert Langdon?

So, on to more positive things. What do you think of my new layout? I was talking with Laura dream_mancer when she was setting up her new-look journal, and I said that I needed to do a new banner, while the Bride and Prejudice theme was very nice, I grew out of it very quickly.

It took me over two hours of searching, but I finally found the sort of image I felt would be appropriate, and then a few hours more to find a poem/quote with the right tone (I ended up picking Desiderata by Max Ehrmann) but I did it, and this is what I ended up with. The painting used to make up the majority of the banner is The Awakening of Adonis, which was painted in 1900 by John William Waterhouse.

One thing that I have discovered about myself over the last few weeks is that I actually enjoy making these banners, I love putting them together after finding the images (or being given them), it is definitely less of a depressing task than that of sitting in front of a flashing curser for hours at a time while writer’s block is my best friend!

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