Friday at last – it should be good, right?

My NAN sucks!

Yep, you read that right.

I left my purse at home today, admittedly I was stupid and it was my fault, but does that mean that no one can actually go out of their way to help me? I haven’t eaten since yesterday lunchtime, and now, because I have no money with me, I won’t be eating until tonight when I finally get home from work.

As soon as I realised that I had left my purse at home I called up my grandmother, who will be picked up by her sister (who will do anything for her) to go shopping at Tescos (another bone of contention between my grandmother and me since I announced as I actually wanted the shopping I always put on the list I was going to do it myself) and she can’t take a 5 minute detour to bring my purse to the office so that I actually have some money to a) buy lunch with and b) get home with.

When I called her I got a lecture on the fact that I should have eaten supper last night There was a perfectly good Marks and Spencer’s pie in the fridge and should have made lunch this morning You had plenty of time this morning and you didn’t bother, I bet you had time to play on your computer. I did play on my computer, to order my shopping so that I have food for next week…but that is beside the point. She didn’t even bother to ask her sister, she just arbitrarily decided that it was a case of hard shit that I had no lunch, no money to buy lunch and no way financially of getting home! When she started on another lecture about my computer time (which is none of her business) I actually hung up on her. Told her that I was at work and didn’t appreciate being shouted at (I had also had to raise my voice purely because she is deaf as a bloody post and doesn’t like to wear her £1000 [circ. $1700] hearing aid) and just put the phone down. I will likely get a lecture about it when I get home tonight, but as with all her lectures I just tune them out.

The taxi driver who brought me to work was pretty understanding, I was lucky he didn’t decide to completely screw me over, but he simply gave me a bill and told me to hand that and the money for it to the next driver that picked me up – which will now have to be this evening as I can’t get the bus on promise of payment at the other end! He did suggest that I ask a friend at work for money to get home with, but the only person I would dream of borrowing money from (I hate to borrow cash) has as much money as I do at the current time (meaning none) and she has her purse with her!

I am rather angry with myself for forgetting something so vital, forgetting my cellphone is one thing, but when I forget my bloody purse I feel totally stupid. You can cope without a cellphone, there is always somewhere you can make a phonecall, but without a cashpoint card or credit card there is absolutely no way you can get money!

So now I am stuck at work with a fully charged (money-wise) mobile and no money to spend!

I need a vacation.

ETA: My great aunt is wonderful…my nan told her about the situation and my great aunt (her sister) said that she would come down to get me out of a hole…so I am officially out of a hole. I feel a teeny bit guilty that I am so angry at my nan, but it took her sister to say “I’ll do it” for her to even consider the fact that it may be I am completely stuck!

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