FIC: Mealtime (ADULT) Blaise/Luna

Wow, I have finished another fic. I started this one sometime last year and hoped that I would get it done in time for Christmas and then things happened and I never got it all done (being honest can’t remember if I posted any of it)…well, because I know that some people are upset about the HBP, and I don’t know about anyone else, but I have nothing else to read right now, I decided to finish this (I now have probably 2 unfinished left – go me!)…so here it is

Dedicated to: Erin, Laura, Karen and Liz

Part One: Dinner

“So what is a little Ravenclaw like you doing in the kitchens so late?” The voice was deep and husky in her ear, sending a shiver of awareness down her spine.

“I was hungry. I missed dinner,” she tried to keep the nervousness out of her voice, but it was difficult. “I suppose I could ask the same of you.” She turned in his imprisoning arms and looked up at him through her long coal-coloured lashes.

With one eyebrow raised, Blaise looked down at his captive and smirked. “I don’t think that what I am doing here is really any business of yours. I am a prefect and it is very obvious that you are not!” He drew her attention to the dark green and silver prefect badge that he wore proudly on the collar of his robes

Sighing, Luna tapped a finger to the badge and grinned. “Like that badge actually means anything.” Rolling her eyes, Luna pushed his arms away from around her waist and walked across the room to the cupboards.

She was sure that there would be some leftovers stored somewhere in the kitchens, and that dinner that evening had been roast turkey with all the trimmings. “I really fancy some turkey sandwiches. How about you, Prefect-boy? What do you want to eat?” She opened another cupboard when it was obvious that the food she sought wasn’t in the first one.

“You are actually going to make something yourself? Isn’t that what the House elves are for?” Blaise walked further into the kitchen, watching, fascinated, as Luna continued to search through the kitchen cupboards for the makings of her turkey sandwich – something that was starting to sound rather good to him.

“Why would I want to get a house elf to do something that I can do perfectly adequately by myself? I am not totally incapable of looking after myself, although I can’t help but wonder if you can get dressed by yourself.” She grinned when she noticed that her last comment had hit home, Blaise’s face was slightly flushed and his nostrils flared as he tried to control his temper.

“I can look after myself far better than you. At least I am aware when I am in danger,” his voice had lowered again, had a timbre of danger to it, causing Luna to stop what she was doing to turn and look at him. “I know when to stop with the taunting, Lovegood.” He moved closer to her, his breath brushing against the baby curls at the nape of her neck. “I know when to leave well enough alone and get out before I get myself into trouble.” Unable to fight the temptation anymore, Blaise leaned forward and pressed a wet kiss to the base of her neck, his tongue sweeping out to smooth across the slightly salty skin.

Startled, Luna stepped away, causing her to bang her head on the bottom corner of a cabinet over the sink that she had just opened. She blinked back tears, stunned by the sudden pain and curled her hands into fists, fighting back the temptation to punch him – she saw him to be the cause of her pain. “What did you do that for?” her voice sounded choked with the effort to hold back her tears. “That really hurt!” She pulled a handkerchief from the inner pocket of her robe and dabbed at her eyes, hating the fact that she was actually crying in front of him.

“I didn’t do it on purpose,” he lifted a hand and brushed a stray curl out of her eyes. “I’m sorry,” he forced the words out of his throat, so unused to saying them. One thing his father had always taught him was that men never apologised especially Zabini men!

“Don’t touch me!” Luna slapped his hand away, an outraged expression on his face, furious that he had dared to touch her after causing her pain. “I don’t need your help.”

Blaise took a step back and studied Luna, confusion on his face. He was sure he remembered his older sister mentioning something about women liking to be touched, comforted, yet it appeared that Luna Lovegood wasn’t like that at all. “Whatever you say!” he put his hands up in a sign of surrender and rolled his eyes. “So, are you planning on staying here all evening?” He folded his arms across his chest and stood there, tapping one foot on the floor as she rummaged through the cupboard, which had almost caught her in the eye.

“Well don’t just stand there watching me. If you want something to eat you may as well help search for the bread or something!” Muttering under her breath about spoilt men who didn’t know how to cut meat, let alone butter bread, Luna continued her search, finally yelling in triumph when she found an already carved turkey in a cool cupboard.

Putting the turkey on the long wooden table in the middle of the kitchen, Luna started to pick at it, stuffing a few pieces into her mouth, she was famished. “Hurry up with the bread,” she called to a fascinated Blaise, her mouth full of turkey.

Blaise stared at Luna, fascinated. He had never seen a girl eat like this girl was. All the girls he knew, including the rather masculine Millicent Bulstrode, ate as though they were nibbling on carrots. They took small tastes of everything on their plates and then proclaimed that they were full. Not Luna Lovegood! She was eating as though she hadn’t seen food in weeks, perhaps months and he found himself admiring her for that particular honesty.

“I’m guessing you’re hungry,” Blaise whispered against her hair as he reached around her and placed an uncut loaf of bread on the table beside the turkey, a pat of soft butter quickly followed. “Well, there’s your bread and butter. Are you going to make me a sandwich now?”

He sat down on the bench next to Luna and watched as she quickly buttered four slices of bread, and placed a thick layer of turkey over two of the slices. She finished off the sandwiches by cutting them into triangles and putting them on two heavy white plates. “Here,” she shoved a plate against his chest and then sat down, quickly eating her way through one of the sandwiches before starting on the next.

“I didn’t poison it you know,” Luna felt the need to point this out when Blaise continued to watch her, his sandwiches untouched on the plate in front of him. He lifted one of the sandwiches, took a bite, and placed it back on his plate.

“Not too bad,” he chewed thoughtfully, studying Luna intently. “So how come you missed dinner?” he picked up the sandwich again, taking a healthy mouthful and continued to stare at her.

Luna shifted uncomfortably on the bench, wondering why he was watching her, and not really liking the butterfly riot he was inciting in her stomach.

Finishing the last mouthful of her sandwich, Luna stood up and carried her plate over to the sink, standing it in the rack after rinsing it off, “Well, it’s past curfew, I guess I should…uh…should be heading back to my room.”

Frowning, Blaise stood up and followed Luna to the stairs, he reached out and grabbed her arm. “I should at least get a chance to thank the cook,” with a crooked grin he turned her towards him and pulled her closer. “I hear that British tradition is to ‘kiss the cook’!” Saying nothing more, he lowered his lips to hers, taking her mouth in an all-consuming kiss.

Luna threaded her fingers through the tangle of curls at the nape of Blaise’s neck and sank into the kiss, her mouth opening a little as his tongue sought entrance. As though suddenly realising what she was doing, Luna lowered her hands to his shoulders and pushed him away. “Consider the cook thanked,” Luna muttered, her face flushed a deep red.

Watching her leave, Blaise grinned, “Merry Christmas, Lovegood. We’ll have to do this again soon!” Luna ducked her head and groaned quietly as she hurried out of the kitchens and down the corridor to her dorm room.

Blaise felt decidedly lighter when he sat down at the table to finish his sandwich. Obviously there was merit in missing dinner sometimes.

Part Two: Breakfast

Luna groaned as she rolled over on her bed. She dragged the covers up over her head to block out the sunlight. She peered out from a corner of the duvet and narrowed her eyes so that she could focus her blurry vision on the hands of her alarm clock. Blinking, she sat up suddenly when she realised that she had slept right through her alarm, and had missed breakfast by a good hour.

“Crap!” she swung her legs off the side of the bed and glared at the offending clock, wondering if the alarm had actually gone off at all. Pulling on her dressing gown she marched into the bathroom adjoining the dormitory and turned on the shower, taking a quick step back when the freezing water hit her bare legs.

Realising that cold water was likely all she was going to get – she had, after all, missed the early morning rush for the bathroom – Luna pulled off her dressing gown and her thick winter pyjamas and stood under the freezing spray just long enough to wash herself.

Back in the dorm room Luna pulled on her thickest woollen socks, a heavy dark grey skirt and a jumper that she had stretched to the point that it fell baggily over her hips, hiding the curves she had been steadily developing since she was fourteen. Still shivering a little, Luna rushed through the portrait hole and down to the kitchens. She managed to avoid the crowd of people that had gathered in the main entrance by using one of the many shortcuts that were on the stairways, sighing with relief when she finally made it to her destination.

She smiled at Twinkle and Dobby as they both bowed slightly to her before heading up to the Great Hall to clear the tables ready for the next meal of the day, and walked over to the bubbling saucepan that contained milk ready for hot chocolate. Reaching up to a cupboard she pulled down a large mug and placed it on the side. Her mouth watered at the thought of boiled milk poured over the cinnamon and chocolate mix that she always associated with cold winter nights at Hogwarts.

She stirred the two spoons of chocolate into the hot milk and then sat down on the bench facing the door, her mug on the table in front of her. She was drinking slowly from the spoon when the door to the kitchens opened and someone entered the room wearing a snow-covered cloak.

Stamping his feet and shaking off the snow, Blaise stood in the doorway at the top of the stairs and watched the picture that Luna made as she sat at the table slowly savouring her drink, leisurely drinking it off the spoon as though she had a bowl of soup. “We seem to be making a habit of this, Lovegood,” Blaise murmured as he walked down the stairs into the main part of the kitchen, his soaked and cold cloak draped over his arm, his dark hair mussed by the wind.

Luna looked up from the swirls of creamy coloured milk and dark chocolate in her mug and blinked, startled, “Are you sure that you aren’t following me, Zabini?” Her voice was husky, intrigue threaded through it. “There’s milk in the pan if you want to make yourself a mug of hot chocolate,” she paused to take a small sip of her own boiling drink. “If you can figure out how to make it, of course.”

With an amused smirk on her face she watched as Blaise searched for a good five minutes to find a mug – she certainly wasn’t going to point out that they were in the cupboard above the stove. “The chocolate is in the larder,” she told him, taking another sip of her hot chocolate and admiring the way that his trousers tightened a little over his Quidditch-firmed arse.

“So how come you didn’t head out to Hogsmeade?” Blaise stirred in the last of the chocolate – he added three spoons as he liked it sweet – and sat down opposite Luna. He watched her with his dark brown eyes, trying to figure out the enigma that was Luna Lovegood.

Luna shrugged, “I overslept this morning.” That wasn’t the only reason, but she didn’t think that Blaise really needed to know that she hadn’t been able to get her Dad to sign the permission slip for this year. “And then I missed breakfast!” She licked her lips to get the last of the chocolate from her face, missing the sudden look of desire that crossed Blaise’s face as he focused on her tongue.

Coughing, and shaking his head to clear it of the rather unsuitable and definitely inappropriate thoughts that were suddenly flowing through it, Blaise looked down at the table and forced himself to think of something that was far less trouble. “So that is what you’re having?” he pointed his spoon in the direction of Luna’s cup and grinned. “No wonder there’s so little of you,” he muttered the words under his breath, but it was clear from the glare that Luna cast in his direction that she had heard him.

“There’s nothing wrong with the way I look,” Luna narrowed her eyes at him and angrily flicked some hair out of her face. “I’m just small-boned.” She stood up and made quick work of mixing up another cup of hot chocolate, her hunger had yet to be slaked.

Blaise couldn’t help but admire the way she moved, but the clothes she was wearing did little to flatter her figure. For all he knew she could be like the witches in Playwizard. He had to fight the sudden urge to pull up her jumper to see if her curves really were all jumper. “How about you do something to prove that?” he smirked when her eyes shot fire in his direction. It was easy to tell that she was annoyed with him, but her temper was something he actually found himself enjoying.

Sticking her nose up in the air and turning her head away from the table, Luna made a “huh!” noise. Honestly! Boys! she fought back the urge to giggle at the curious look that was now on his face. “I don’t think that will happen, Zabini.”

Grinning and moving one hand across the table to rest on Luna’s Blaise raised both eyebrows, “Surely we are friendly enough now that you can call me Blaise?”

Shaking off his hand, Luna glared at him again – it seemed she spent much of their time together glaring – and then she chuckled, a throaty sensual sound that sent shivers down Blaise’s spine. “You think we’re friendly?”

Standing up, Blaise walked around the table until he was standing behind her, looking down at the top of her blonde head. Reaching down he placed a hand under her chin and tilted her head until she was looking him in the eye. He dipped his head and pressed his mouth to hers, his tongue poking out between his lips, tasting the chocolate she had been drinking.

Gasping for breath, Luna wrapped her arms around his neck and stood up, moving against him, pressing her body tightly to his. The pressure of his erection against her thigh caused her to moan, her eyes fluttering closed as he continued to kiss her, his tongue battling with hers, their flavours mingling.

Blaise moved his hands, slipping them underneath the thigh-length hem of her jumper and moving them over her until they brushed against the warm smooth skin of her stomach, the coolness of his hands causing the muscles of her stomach to ripple. “Your hands are cold,” Luna whispered against his lips before kissing him again, one hand tangled in the curls at the nape of his neck, the other cupping his erection, rubbing it lightly.

“They’ll warm up,” he whispered to her in response, before moving his hands further up underneath her jumper, cupping the underside of her breasts, enjoying the feel of her nipples peaking against his thumbs through the thin cotton of her bra. Without a moment of hesitation he pulled her jumper off over her head and threw it to the table behind them, admiring the more than generous curve of her breasts as the pale round mounds were revealed.

He continued to touch her, thrusting against her inexperienced hand as she teased him, stroking his erection lightly through his winter-heavy trousers.

“We really need to find somewhere warmer …” Luna sighed the words as he reached around and undid the fiddly catch on her bra and it loosened on her arms, the cups falling away from her sensitive breasts.

Laughing against her neck, Blaise started to tug at the bottom of her skirt, pulling it up past her knees, revealing the long woollen socks she had put on to warm up her feet. “Well these are sexy,” he rolled them down her legs and caressed the arch of one foot with his fingers, pressing his thumb in a little deeper, eliciting a groan of pleasure from her lips.

He continued the sensuous massage up her calves and lightly tickled the sensitive spot at the back of her knees before, desperate to get even closer, he lifted her into his arms and placed her on the edge of the table.

It took just a few moments for him to rip her white cotton knickers from her and thrust a finger into her heat. “Blaise,” his name leaving her throat, a strangled gasp. She arched her back, the end of her thick braid brushing against the rough tabletop.

Desperate to feel the heated dampness of her around him, Blaise hurriedly undid the button fly of his weekend trousers and, closing his eyes, curling a hand around his erection, he guided himself inside her.

A quiet cry of pain escaped from her lips before she had a chance to stifle it, the sudden shock of him thrusting between her thighs, taking the one thing her father had told her to never give to someone without the benefit of a ring.

Blaise felt the barrier break as he moved deeply inside her, his mind clouded with the ecstasy of her tightening around him, her body moving frantically against his as she sought to reach something that she so desperately needed. Her hands were clawed, grasping at his shoulders, her nails digging into the flesh through his shirt.

His breath coming harshly against the curve of her throat, Blaise continued to thrust against her, he brought a hand down between their bodies and started to rub his thumb in a circular motion over her distended clit, teasing her, pushing her closer to the edge. His hips moving madly as he got closer to the precipice Luna was already shuddering over, Blaise opened his mouth on the sensitive skin of her throat and sucked on it, determined that he was going to leave a mark she would remember long after they had departed the kitchen, their temporary bolt hole away from the reality that meant they shouldn’t acknowledge one another.

He dressed slowly, for some reason unwilling to leave the warmth of the kitchen for the coldness of the Slytherin dungeons. He watched through hooded eyes as Luna quickly pulled on her socks, picked up her torn knickers and put them in her skirt pocket before pulling her jumper on over her head, her hands not quite coming out of the over-long stretched sleeves.

With a lump of regret in his throat, Blaise watched Luna as she busied herself with wandering around the kitchen and making herself another mug of steaming, welcoming hot chocolate, there wasn’t really much he could say, it wasn’t as though he could fight over the route his destiny was going to reluctantly take him so very soon, and he very much doubted that Luna wanted anything more than she was willing to give herself.

With a faint smile on her lips, Luna placed a second mug on the table and reached up on tiptoe to brush a light kiss over Blaise’s cheek. “Thank you,” she whispered before taking her own mug of hot chocolate up the stairs and out of the kitchen that suddenly didn’t seem so warm.

Curling his hands around the mug of hot chocolate she had made for him, Blaise allowed a grin to cross his own lips, she had made him a cup of hot chocolate!

Epilogue: Lunch

Draco stood up and tapped a fork lightly against the steaming mug in front of him. He cleared his throat and waited for everyone to be quiet and start paying attention to the top table. “I would like to make a toast to the bride and groom on their wedding day. To Blaise and Luna.”

“Blaise and Luna,” the hall full of Hogwarts’ Alumni echoed, taking a sip of their hot chocolate before tucking into the roast turkey sandwiches on the table in front of them.

Hope you enjoyed…

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