That was the week that was!

Okay, today is going to be a mix of a few things, mostly ranty!

Work is crap – but then again there is nothing new there. I am currently sitting at my desk twiddling my thumbs (when I am not updating my LJ) and wondering why I actually bother coming in when I have little to do and more than enough time to do it in.

I guess my home life could be crappier, but currently I am trying to think about how.

Every morning this week me and my nan have had a row. It’s completely inconsequential stuff, like shopping, garbage, the fact that I have no privacy! Every morning she follows me into my bedroom after I have had my shower to talk about stuff that I have no interest in (like my extended family) and every morning when I actually make signs that I have things to do and am seriously NOT INTERESTED she gets in a huff that you haven’t seen unless you have seen a three year old having a paddy when they hear the word “No”.

These arguments are draining and I am fed up with them, but it seems that they are now spreading into my evenings. I will get home from work and she will start in on me the moment I walk through the door. For goodness’ sake, things are stressful enough at the moment without her going on and on about things that realistically are absolutely nothing to do with me.

Anyway, I am now heading straight to Tesco after work to get my food for the week otherwise I will be going hungry because, apart from the milk (which I know she bought so that she could pass it off to guests!) I have a lot of food shopping to get. I don’t think that I would mind so much if I weren’t already paying for it once in my rent every month (my nan is bleeding me dry and yet she goes on about my saving ability – save what exactly?).

Today is the second day in a row that I haven’t written anything…but that may change, it’s only 4.08 and I am going to get that Marcus/Katie finished before the end of the week, if I have to stay up all blasted night!

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