Take Me Away (Rating: ADULT >18) Part 5

Well, here is what the previous parts were leading up to. This is ADULT folks, that’s a full >18 rating…here’s what happens in a shower in the world where I haven’t written for a while.

Hopefully this won’t disappoint. Just know, if you aren’t into the >18 ratings then this doesn’t have over much bearing on what actually happens in the story, it’s a little smutlet that can be read as an interlude.

Part Five

Katie’s head felt as though it was going to explode when she opened her eyes the next morning and ahw turned her face away from the light bursting through the blinds covering the window. Hang on; her bedroom window didn’t get the early morning sun. Obviously she had overslept, that was the only explanation for it. Sitting up suddenly she grabbed her head, desperate to halt the painful pounding behind her eyes. With a quiet groan she managed to climb out of the bed, wrapping the thin cotton cover around her body and walked over to where the door was meant to be.

Realising that she wasn’t in her own room, panic started to well up inside her. Oh shit! What did I do last night? She took a few moments to study the bedroom she had slept in, it was very plain, very stark, cream and brown, very masculine. Eyes open a little wider she took in the photos on the solid table underneath the window and moaned. Who did I do last night?

Marcus almost knocked her over when he walked into the bedroom, a tray laden with toast and orange juice in his hands. Katie took a step back, stumbling on the bottom of the sheet she had wrapped around her, and landed in a rather naked and very fetching heap on the floor. A hand raised to her lips she watched as Marcus placed the tray down on the table next to the photographs and took a few steps towards her, concern etching his features. “Are you okay?” He offered his hand, which she took, and pulled her into his arms. “I thought I’d let you sleep in, you were out for the count.”

“Did I…Did we…Uh…” Shaking her head, ignoring the little men with hammers that rattled inside it, Katie cleared her throat and tried again, “what happened last night?”

Wondering whether he should tease her, an urge that was completely out of character for him, or simply tell her the truth, Marcus lifted her up and carried her into the bathroom, turning on the shower before placing her on her feet in the tub. “Have a shower, you’ll feel better.” He turned away as the cream-coloured sheet she had wrapped around herself for modesty’s sake soaked up the water and became transparent. He could see every delectable curve and his palms itched with the need he had to tear the sheet away and smooth soapsuds over her skin.

The moment the bathroom door closed, Katie pulled the frosted-glass shower door across and turned her face to the comforting heat of the water pouring over her. With a sigh she picked up a bottle of shower gel, poured some out onto her hand and started to rub it over her aching muscles. Marcus was right; a shower was making her feel a little bit better.

Her moans soaked through the door. Marcus reached for the handle with shaking hands, his curiosity and desire fuelling him. Breathless he watched as she used a sponge to rinse off the soap, the green sponge following every curve of her body. Hesitating for only a moment, he tore off his clothes, dropping them negligently to the floor, and stepped into the bathtub quietly. Fighting back a groan, he took the generic shampoo from the shelf above his head and, after pouring out a nugget onto his hand, started to smooth it through her honey-blonde hair.

At the touch of his hands on her scalp, Katie stopped everything she was doing, her breath trapped in her throat. She swallowed nervously, and then leaned back against him, the sponge dropped to the bottom of the bath, forgotten.

The breathy sounds of pleasure that escaped Katie’s parted lips had Marcus groaning. “Katie,” he muttered the word against her hair, his hands curving over her shoulders, cupping her breasts, his thumbs caressing her already taut nipples.

Her legs shaking from Marcus’ touch, Katie leaned back against his firm body, her hands clenched around his forearms as he continued to touch her, tease her, torment her. “Marcus,” his name was a quiet, desperate cry on her lips. She dug her nails into his arms as she moved closer, the steel of his erection rubbing against her arse. “Touch me, please…” the words were a moan as his hands stroked down over her stomach, between her legs. His fingers parted her, his thumb brushing aggressively at her tautened clit.

Katie thought that she was going to go insane. Her whole body shuddered when Marcus knelt before her, his head buried between her thighs, his tongue rubbing against her, one finger circling her clit teasingly before thrusting sharply inside her.

Grabbing frantically for something to hold on to; Katie’s hands curled around the shower hose and she held on tightly as his fingers and tongue tormented her and she came on a screaming moan, her body shuddering violently against his devilish mouth.

If it weren’t for the hands that closed about her waist, Katie would have sunk to the floor of the bathtub. Her body was shaking, unsteady, like a perfectly made jelly. She turned in his arms, wrapped her legs tightly around his hips, bringing the tip of his aching cock against her moist heat. Unable to control herself, she arched upwards, her breasts rubbing against his chest as she impaled herself on his length.

As her heat closed about him, Marcus sucked in a deep breath, expelling it on a guttural moan as he turned them both, pushing her back up against the wall, his hands curling around the heated towel rail above their heads. He felt as though he was dying. She was so tight, so hot around him, he could so easily lose himself in her if he let himself.

He came with a moan, his teeth biting into the skin at the curve of her shoulder even as her nails dug half-moons into his back.

The room was silent but for the sound of the water softly dripping from the showerhead and their mingled breath as they held each other, revelling in the momentary peace.

Hope you enjoyed, hope it was up to the old standards, can’t believe how long it’s been since I wrote anything like this.

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