Hump Day

Finally, Wednesday has arrived without much fanfare. In just three days I will be sitting on the beach with a tall glass of ice-cold milkshake and a few chicken sandwiches reading Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

I am doing my utmost right now to try and forget the few spoilers that I came across this last week, as I want what I read to be a surprise. I am trying to escape from the ‘Spoiler Whore’ reputation that I had amongst my Buffy-fan friends when the show was still airing, albeit a good few months behind the US schedule. This year I remained unspoiled about events in Veronica Mars – a situation that I intend to maintain, and apart from my little accidental viewing of certain issues with HBP I have remained pretty much spoiler-free there – something I am very proud of.

I am pretty happy with myself about the amount of fic I have posted this week, five parts of a Marcus/Katie. While I am not happy that it is fanfic rather than original work I have been producing, as Laura pointed out to me, I am at least writing something.

Tonight I am going out with a few of the girls from work for a drink, after I have been pampered at the hairdressers. Part of me knows that it is a good idea for me to go out, but the other part is saying, “Go home…write, you have things to finish before all your ideas of what happens in the series are changed for good.” That part is, as always, the larger side of my psyche and I am tempted to listen to it, to go to the hairdressers and then head right home rather than to the pub where I won’t a) be able to have anything alcoholic and b) won’t be able to eat! What’s the point really?

I am going to try and get a bit more fic written this afternoon as I have a rather large amount of typing to do anyway, the story can be camouflaged as something else and I can get on with both jobs without being obvious or observed doing so.

And check this out, three days in a row that I have updated this week. I think that being ill and at home brings out the worst in my updating ability in that I don’t do any. I spend all the time putting things off like writing, and reading in favour of doing lazier things like watching TV, surfing the net for stories (wish that there were more about, but I can understand why people are holding off on writing anything that has huge plot).

Come Saturday any of our illusions about the plans for the series will come to an end, although I guess we will still be waiting to see who wins (can you see JKR actually having Voldemort defeat the forces of ‘good’ (led by the ultra-manipulative Dumbledore) and killing Harry outright? Although part of me does wonder if she intends Harry to survive the series – she said that he would be alive in the seventh book, but she didn’t say that he would survive it!

Hmm, have to stop the speculation. I am going to now think about what I want to happen to Marcus and Katie that will help conclude the fic in just a few more parts, which will mean another story finished by the weekend…something I am more than a little bit determined about!

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