Take Me Away (Rating: 13-16) Part 4

Yep, I said that I would be getting through this at a rate of knots and hopefully that really will prove to be the case.

Part Four – 2001

Anger spurring her on, Katie tore the photos from the wall and threw them loudly into the thick black sack on the floor. She had to get rid of every reminder of him, even if that meant tearing through her home and disposing of half of her childhood memories. There was no way she wanted to see his smug face staring out at her every time she walked into her own home. Sickness churning in the pit of her stomach, she ripped the back off one of the photo frames that had adorned her bedside table and proceeded to tear Oliver’s head from his broad shoulders, “Bastard,” she sobbed as she threw his surprised face into the bin and then placed the frame back on the low table.

“Chicken shit bastard, I hate you!” That was the problem though. She didn’t hate him! She would take him back in a moment if he ever decided to ask her. He was someone else’s husband and still she loved him.

Slumping down on the edge of her bed, tears rolling unchecked down her cheeks, her body racked with sobs, Katie struggled to think about something other than how much of an idiot she was. Oliver belonged with someone else, she should have realised that so many years ago, before she had become involved with him, but she had been blind to everything but the fact he had shown her some interest and she had lapped it up like an unloved puppy dog.

Reaching down she dug her nails into her thigh, gasping quietly when she broke the skin and a trickle of blood made a bright red trail down to soak into her sock.

“Enough of this…” she took a deep shuddery breath. “Stop feeling sorry for yourself Katie Bell.” She stood up and walked over to the mirror, staring at her reflection for a few moments, studying the crystal tracks on her cheeks before wiping them away. “You’re worth more than this!”

Picking up a handful of floo powder, she tossed it into the fireplace in her bedroom, “Angelina Weasley,” she called into the green flames, pasting a smile on her face when her best friend’s head appeared.

“Katie, I was so worried about you…how are you?”

Waving off Angelina’s concern, Katie held up the bottle of wine she had retrieved from the fridge before proceeding to destroy half of her flat, “fancy going out for a Friday night drink?” she hoped that she didn’t sound anywhere near as desperate as she actually felt.

Grinning, Angelina didn’t bother to answer, simply stepping through the flames and into Katie’s bedroom. “So where’re the glasses then?”

Sighing, relieved that she wasn’t going to have to spend the night alone, Katie handed Angelina the bottle, “Since when did you need a glass? Did I suddenly develop the lurgy or something?”

They were well on their way through a third bottle of rather cheap wine when Katie had the ‘wonderful’ idea of heading out to a club she had heard a few of the Harpies’ girls talking about the previous week. Angelina didn’t take too much persuading that it was a good idea to head to ’Black Widow’, she was already pretty drunk and, after a brief visit back to the house that she shared with both Weasley twins to change into something that she considered a little bit more suitable for a night on the tiles, both girls headed off, giggling hysterically about something that wasn’t really too funny.

It was nearly eleven when the two girls reached the front of the queue at ’Black Widow’, it was obvious that the destination was an extremely popular one with witches and wizards alike, which, to Katie was a good thing. Tonight she was going to find oblivion, and she wanted everyone to see that she didn’t care what had happened, that Oliver Wood and his new wife meant nothing to her!

Sitting down on a stool at the bar, she crossed her legs confidently and leaned across Angelina, gesturing to the smartly dressed barman, a shiny plastic card in her hand.

Smiling, Marcel realised that his newest customer was already rather drunk, rather pretty, and somewhat familiar, although he had no idea why. He made his way over to her and took the card from her hand, making sure to stroke her arm at the same time. “What can I get you?” he put more emphasis on his fading French accent, sure that she was the sort that would find it more than a little attractive.

Ignoring the fact that this man was rather handsome, she had done handsome and look where that had got her, Katie gestured to the card, “there’sh no limit on that, I’ll have a glash of that over there…” she pointed vaguely in the direction of one of the stronger Muggle spirits on the optics and giggled, “she’ll have the same!”

Two rather large shots later, Katie was laughing over something that Angelina had said, although she couldn’t remember what it was, and watching the couples gyrating on the dancefloor. A maudlin feeling over took her for a brief second, but she pushed the emotion down, determined that thoughts of Oliver Wood were not going to ruin another night. “Come on,” Katie hopped off the stool, staggering a little on her rather high heels, “let’s dance together…” Pulling Angelina to her feet, the two girls made their way through the throng onto the dancefloor, arms around each other as they swayed to the music, unaware that their movements had garnered them a rather interested audience.


Marcus took a mouthful of his, thankfully, ice-cold beer and almost choked. Katie Bell, steadfast, sensible Katie Bell, was dancing. It wasn’t that she was dancing per se that had him spitting his drink over Blaise Zabini – who was actually relatively oblivious to his surroundings, his tongue stuck down Luna Lovegood’s throat as it happened to be – but that she was dancing rather sensually against Angelina Weasley. “I won’t be a minute,” he told his heedless companions before putting his drink down on the edge of the bar and stalking onto the dancefloor.

The sound of the music was echoing around the tall-ceilinged club, pounding against his skin even as his heartbeat started to speed up, the pulse drumming madly in his head. He reached out and closed a hand over Katie’s shoulder, his eyes telling her drunk best friend that he would take care of her, make sure she didn’t get into any trouble, that she was safe. Angelina nodded, an inebriated smile on her face as she made her way unsteadily back to her seat at the bar.

Katie turned into his arms and wrapped her own around his waist, snuggling her face against his chest, seeking the comfort and warmth that had surrounded her. “Hmm,” she purred, the sound rumbling against his chest, causing the hairs on the back of his neck to stand on end.

She began to move against him sinuously, like a cat, her hips rubbing against his in a way that he couldn’t help but imagine her doing naked beneath him. Growling, he raised a large hand and cupped her chin, lifting it until their eyes met. She’s pissed as a newt! he realised even as he was lowering his head, his lips brushing briefly against hers before the kiss exploded and she opened her mouth to him, her tongue seeking his, duelling with his.

The kiss could have set the club on fire, in fact, if it had gone on any longer it was possible it would have done. Katie had lifted one leg, wrapping it around Marcus’ thigh to bring him closer.

He could feel the heat of her through his clothes and wanted nothing more than to sink into it, be consumed by it. His lips left hers and he started to kiss a trail from the sensitive spot behind her ear to the valley between her breasts. Her hands were all over him, nimbly undoing the buttons on his shirt before burrowing into the faint trail of hair on his chest, her fingernails scratching lightly over his painfully aware nipples. “Please…” she managed to gasp when one of his hands closed over her sensitive breasts, squeezing lightly.

“All right, that’s enough!” a muscle-bound dinner jacket clad bouncer broke through the lust-induced reverie, breaking the unaware couple apart. “This is a respectable club…you want to do that you go somewhere else.” Katie was gasping for breath, her vision blurred slightly by the amount of drink she had consumed, her mind clouded with hunger.

Every part of Marcus’ body was taut, strung out, desperate for more of what he knew that Katie had been promising him with every stroke of her hands across his bare chest. He narrowed his eyes at the bodyguard who had broken them apart and wondered if he would actually get away with knocking the large man out, he doubted it, but part of him wanted to give it a try anyway.

With a grin he reached around the larger man, grasped one of Katie’s hands and dragged her towards the exit. ’Black Widow’ had learned from past mistakes and after a few weeks of enduring people apparating into the club to avoid paying the 3 galleon entrance fee, they had put some very effective wards up. Once they got outside, away from the barrier that marked the point where apparition wards began, he wrapped his arms around her and, after placing a light kiss against her willing lips, Marcus raised his wand and apparated them both to the front gate of his small, but extremely well protected, town house.

3 thoughts on “Take Me Away (Rating: 13-16) Part 4

    1. I had to sneak them in somehow, just to profess my B/L solidarity. The next chapter is half-written already, but atm I have a decision to make, writing or watching Constantine, which I purchased this afternoon.


  1. I stumbled across this by accident, while looking for your journal to accompany my rec of Slightly Kinked for . I’m very glad you decided to continue it. The club scene was very hot, I’m glad your muse is hanging about again. 🙂


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