Back to work

Yep, you read it right, and you read it right here, I am back in the office, I am feeling a great deal better than I felt last week when I made an attempt at returning to the workplace, and I can breathe through my nose!!! YAY on that one.

On to the proper news. Nothing much is happening at my end, things are extremely quiet, I am trying to write, to no avail, everything I start turns to shit after the third paragraph or so, and while I have no problem composing anything at the office I am finding that writer’s block is my very best friend all the time I am at home, which does nothing to help the added misery of being unable to find a new job. Yes, I am still looking, who wouldn’t if they were told that their job was going to be changing – and not for the better I might add!

The weather over the last few days has, at this end at least, been absolutely gorgeous, not that I availed myself of the sunshine on the weekend due to still feeling greatly sorry for myself. I sat down in front of Blaise and set myself a task, which I of course wasn’t able to complete, but that is neither here nor there.

Hopefully the weather (which is meant to continue into this week) will still be nice on Saturday when HBP comes out, so that I can sit in the garden, soak up the skin-damaging rays (I will be wearing suntan lotion) and read until I have finished. Of course, having been off work ill for the last three weeks I can’t just suddenly announce that I am taking a day off on Monday to read the rest of the book, so I will have to be disciplined and get it all finished by Sunday, something I had no problem with the year OoTP came out.

I am quite angry with myself. Up until now I have managed to avoid any and all spoilers (none of which I will put on here), but I came across some on Sunday that I found myself unable to avoid, I don’t know if some evil elf drove me to read them, or if my natural curiosity took control, but I read them and I regret it greatly…I am now doing my best to forget everything I read, and I am going to take it all with a pinch of salt anyway (how much of it is going to be a smokescreen?) but even so, I should have been able to resist the urge, and I didn’t!

This post is very much a mix of all the news I had meant to post over the weekend and didn’t. I have been very lazy and most remiss in updating my lj, but then things have sort of taken over, being ill for three weeks, and only just now getting out from under the bug that seemed to knock me for six.

I haven’t been anywhere, seen anyone, done anything of remote interest (much to my dismay), but now the new week has started I am going to start getting on with things. Today I am going to go and visit the new bookstore that opened in town. Up until now we have had one bookshop and one WH Smith’s (a shop that I would have once upon a time referred to as a shop that sold books and other things, but now I would call a shop that sells lots of things and a few books). The weekend that I got sick they finally opened a new shop, an Ottaker’s. I am a) over the moon and b) looking forward to going in there, at last a proper chain bookstore that sells lots of different kinds of books.

Whilst I love Methven’s, which is our local bookshop (there are a few of them around the country which also have an online store called I always believed there could never be enough places to buy books from. I even considered seeing what it would take for me to open my own bookshop, somewhere they had readings, coffee, internet access and knowledgeable sales staff. Methven’s used to be like that, all of the staff used to be really informed about what they were selling, but the level of knowledge has reduced as the need for staff has reduced and now there are a few people in there who don’t seem to know anything about the books on sale at all – which is a great shame.

Of course I can’t judge what the staff at Ottaker’s will be like as I have yet to go in there. My nan – who I sent shopping for me last week – assures me that it is a very nice shop, but this is from the woman who thinks that English taxes aren’t high and that Tony Blair has a really hard job that he is doing amazingly well at!

Work: Despite having moved over into the main building I am finding that the positioning of my desk has meant it is still very quiet, I am away from the other secretaries on my floor, and still feel rather cut off from everyone. Apparently it is very possible this will change and my desk may move over the next few weeks (great, I spent almost a whole day getting my desk straightened out!) but that is something that has yet to be decided.

Having been away from work for almost three weeks I am surprised and rather concerned at how quiet everything is. My jobs were all dealt with very efficiently while I was gone and I can’t help but wonder (as anyone else in my position would) if I am needed at all – hence the desperate search for another position.

Have just been informed of the changes and I think that if my search wasn’t desperate before then it definitely has become so now. My job is going to be status documents, status documents and more status documents…can I shoot myself in the head down to boredom now or should I wait a little while to hear more about the wondrous documentation that I am going to be working on? Let me tear my hair out and flush it down the toilet because I have become so significant! I am going to be one of just four people based in the UK – two of which are going to be in the office that I am in – and my job is solely going to be editorial…I am going to contact the agencies this week, set the ball in motion because this is ridiculous, as though they are trying to make me want to go – not that they need to work that hard at it!

Bloody buggering hell!

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