So relieved

Yay, I finally was able to regain access to my yahoo account…I am so happy about this fact as I have realised after several days of trying to contact a pile of complete twats in the Yahoo help (all via email because they don’t like you to call them – or so it seems) I had to guess…when I was finally able to regain the access I discovered that the information they said was inaccurate was actually 100% correct (bastards!) and the only reason I wasn’t able to gain said access was because I couldn’t provide them with the alternate email address that was on my account – you will never guess why this is…it is because I so stupidly hadn’t updated it in nearly 3 years and it was set to an email account that I hadn’t had access to since I stopped using AOL almost 3 years before…well, that was my stupid fault, but it is now rectified, and hopefully the irritated mails to Yahoo will be ignored! You never know…tomorrow I may find myself logging on only to discover that I have been locked out of Yahoo altogether!

Well, still feeling not quite right, but I now have something resembling a voice – it’s not strong or anything yet (sounds a bit less like a dalek though, more whispery) but I have a voice that isn’t sounding like I have been running my voicebox over repeatedly with a cheese grater.

And yay again (yep, again)…I go home tomorrow…couldn’t sleep at all tonight (Friday—>Saturday), it’s now just gone 5 and I am still up, had too many naps yesterday, fell asleep watching a 1 hour episode of Diagnosis Murder and woke up nearly 3 hours later when my nan called to have a go about something which I cared so much about I actually put the phone down while she ranted and picked up again 20mins later to hear her say goodbye.

I think that the only thing I will miss about the last two weeks is the escape that I have had (although my nan has phoned up every bloody day), no “It’s rubbish day” or “Can you do the catbox” <—the latter is normally mentioned when I am either preparing or eating food, and normally with a bit of detail just to gross me out (I swear that she does it on purpose).

Well, am going to drool over early episodes of Buffy as at this time of the morning there is bugger all on TV…also going to gloat a little bit about the fact that without help from Yahoo! help (who should call themselves "Yahoo! we don't give a crap but we call ourselves help because we have to make some show of trying") I managed to regain access to an email account that accumulates more email than my other 10 mailing addresses combined.

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