Update and a FIC: Unexpected Visitor (Dawn/Draco) R

And news too – I have been unable to persuade Yahoo to give me any information about my Dawnie_wood email account which means that from now it is completely inaccessible…I am trying right now to get them to cancel the email and refund me the money that I pay for it as I refuse to pay for something that I am unable to use – that is just ridiculous if you ask me…so anyone who emails me, continue to use the other address until I sort out a new yahoo email addy that I can access using Pop3 (because I hate having to be online constantly to access my mail no matter whether I am at home or work.

Oh, and as the title says, yep, there is a fic (Dawn/Draco), a crossover between Buffy and HP (I don’t know what has come over me of late, this isn’t that long, but it is longer than anything I have been able to come up with in a long while). Enjoy!

TITLE: Unexpected Visitor
RATING: Adult (so about R)
AUTHOR: Me (Carinthea)
DISCLAIMER: The characters are not mine, they are the property of Mutant Enemy, Joss Whedon, 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros, Bloomsbury Books and JK Rowling.
DEDICATION: To anyone who has written to me over the last two weeks – Caryl, Liz, Erin 🙂

The silence of the night was punctuated by the howls of a lone wolf in the wilderness of the cemetery. Dawn grasped the stake tighter in her hand and walked through the tall black metal gates, every step careful and quiet. Buffy watched from a safe distance, filled with pride, as her sister stalked over to the site of the freshest grave and stood poised with the stake held firmly in her hand waiting for the dead to rise.

Buffy knew that Dawn would be furious if she knew that she was being almost constantly watched, but someone had to look out for the very confident teenager, just in case she needed help. Tonight it was Buffy’s turn to watch Dawn in her slaying activity. Spike had been arguing that his ‘Bit’ didn’t need looking after quite as much as the rest of the Scoobies felt she did but, as always, his opinion was ignored and he was shouted down.

The revelation that Spike had survived the final battle in Sunnydale, only to find himself in the middle of another ‘apocalypse’, had been welcome news to the Scooby gang, who were still recovering from the nightmare that the battle against the First Evil had been.

When he had shown up on their doorstep in Italy supporting a weakened, beaten and bruised Angel, they had welcomed him back with surprisingly open arms, relieved that he was still alive and that despite everything he still wanted to help the ‘white hats’. Dawn had been the first to wrap her arms around the blond vampire and weep at his return.

The ground at her feet moved a little as the dead started to rise from the grave. Taken a little by surprise – despite expecting this particular corpse to awaken – Dawn staggered back and lost her footing for a moment before regaining her balance and returning to a fighting stance.

Buffy had to fight back the urge she had to protect her younger sister, knowing that Dawn would never forgive her should she interfere with what Dawn considered to be her true sign of independence. Going out to hunt for vampires had been a rather strange, but very welcome, eighteenth birthday present, one that Buffy was now regretting.

“Come here fang face…” Dawn shouted as the newly risen vampire ran in the direction of the main gates, his preternatural speed ensuring that he was well ahead of her. “Oh crap. I really should have worn those bloody sneakers.” She stopped briefly, toed off her platform mules, picked them up and then continued to run, ignoring the gravel as it dug into the soles of her feet.

Following behind, not close enough to be seen, Buffy watched as Dawn managed to chase down the vampire, eventually staking it against a rickety fence behind one of the clubs where Buffy and the others celebrated many a successful night of slaying.

After slipping her shoes back on, Dawn stood up, took one last look around the alleyway and then started the long walk back to the apartment that she shared with Buffy, Willow and Xander. With a grin she stopped in the middle of the road, “You can come out Buffy, I know that you’re there.” With a wry grin on her face she waited while Buffy walked out from behind the low bush she had been hiding behind and caught up with her.

“You did well tonight, Dawnie,” Buffy curled an arm around Dawn’s waist and hugged her tightly for a few moments just to reassure herself that the younger girl hadn’t been harmed.

“I had the best training, but is it really necessary for you to follow me?” This had been an argument that they had often, Dawn would request more freedom and Buffy would tell her that being the sister of a Slayer didn’t make her one.

“You know the deal, Dawn. You go out, we watch.” Buffy shook her head, smiling, amazed that Dawn was still asking, even knowing what the answer would be.

“We? You mean more than one of you followed me?” Stopping again, moving away from Buffy, Dawn glanced around her, trying to see who else was going to pop out from behind a bush or garbage can. “Okay, I know you’re there, you don’t have to hide…” After a few moments of waiting, Dawn realised that Buffy had been the only one watching, and she let out a loud sigh of relief. “When are you going to trust me enough to let me out on my own?” With a put upon sigh, Dawn moved into step with Buffy, and the pair continued the walk back to the apartment in silence.

Everything was silent and in darkness when Buffy and Dawn arrived back at the flat, not even the light above the cooker was shining in the kitchen. Buffy switched on the main overhead light as Dawn walked further into the living room, her eyes focused on a naked body lying in the middle of the dark red and blue rug they had managed to save from their house in Sunnydale.

Running to the prone man on the floor, Dawn managed to keep the panic out of her voice as she called for her sister to contact some of the troops for help, “Buffy, I don’t think he’s breathing…but he’s not a vampire!” She couldn’t help noticing his resemblance to Spike as she rolled him over, his pale beauty drawing her attention even as she started CPR, tilting his head back, pinching his nose and covering his mouth with hers.

Feeling just a little bit sick as she watched her sister trying to revive their unexpected guest, Buffy set about trying to find out if anyone knew what had happened. She was unsurprised to find that Andrew was in, he had been – he claimed – watching Star Trek reruns in Italian all evening and had no idea about anything but the fact that Captain Kirk had mated with just about every variety of alien in existence. “Well how about you forget about Kirk for a bit and ground yourself in reality, Watcher-boy? We have someone here who doesn’t really belong.”

After speaking with Andrew for a few minutes, during which she spent much of the time rolling her eyes, Buffy called Slayer Central – where Giles had made his home, the place she was most likely to locate Willow when the redheaded witch wasn’t at the apartment. “Giles, we have an unexpected visitor. Looks a bit like Spike, but not quite as dead…” even as she said the words, the man on the floor started to cough and splutter, rolling onto his side as he finally caught his breath.

Dawn sat back on her heels and watched in relief as the man she had been reviving slowly sat up, an expression of surprise on his face. “Thank God for that,” she breathed a sigh of relief, a smile on her lips.

“Now that you’re awake perhaps you can tell us who you are and how the hell you got into our house.” Buffy wasn’t really one to beat about the bush. At one point she would have given the stranger a little bit of time to recover, but over the last few years she had learned to associate strangers with trouble, and she didn’t want to give this guy time to cause any.

Looking up at the strange blonde woman, startled at the sudden questioning, Draco cleared his throat and tried to figure out where the hell he was and how the hell he had managed to get there. The last thing he remembered was the curse from his father’s wand throwing him across the library at Malfoy Manor, and then nothing!

“I have no idea,” he mentally winced at how stuck up he sounded in comparison with the easy American accent of the blonde inquisitor.

“You have no idea? Why don’t I believe that?” Buffy leaned back against the doorframe and tapped one foot on the floor impatiently. “I think that you know exactly how you got here…”

Dawn was so used to Buffy’s hard act that she hardly paid it any attention. With a small smile on her face she pulled a throw from the back of the couch and handed it to their surprise guest, her eyes raking over his naked form for a moment before he covered it up.

“Look, I have no idea who you are, or who you think I am…” his voice trailed off as a woman who could easily have been a member of the over-productive Weasley family pushed open the front door and ran breathlessly into the apartment. Willow stopped, standing just behind Buffy, her mouth open in horror at the sight of the near-naked blond sitting on the floor in the living room. “But I can assure you that I mean you absolutely no harm,” he finished, a smile he hoped was charming on his lips.

“Buffy, Giles said that it was urgent, so I got here as quick as I could. Remind me to never teleport here again, I feel really dizzy now,” Willow took a deep breath and released it slowly, her eyes closing in an attempt to calm her frazzled nerves a little bit. “So who’s the Spike-a-like?”

Settling into the chair nearest to the front door, Buffy rested her elbows on her knees and stared intently at Draco, her eyebrows raised a little, a subtle smirk on her face. “I have no idea just yet, but he was just about to tell me.”

Wondering what exactly the older girl wanted to hear, Draco wrapped the blanket tighter around himself and waited, his eyes focused on her face.

“So who exactly are you and who sent you?”

“My name is Draco Malfoy and no one sent me here. No one sends me anywhere.” Well, that wasn’t exactly true, someone had sent him to this place, wherever it was, but it wasn’t with any particular mission in mind – as far as he was aware at least!

“Draco?” Dawn giggled, she had studied Latin for a while, and knew that Draco meant dragon, did this mean that he was a dragon in disguise, like those characters in the Katie MacAllister books that Willow had loaned her a while ago – he was certainly sexy enough.

“Do you have a problem with my name?” Draco twisted and stared at her, his dark grey eyes so intense that Dawn had to fight back the desire to shudder.

“No, not at all,” she bit the inside of her cheek to stop herself from laughing any more, her large blue eyes meeting his, filled with mirth.

“Hey, you’re meant to be paying attention to me,” she shifted a little, clicking her fingers in front of his face, “so how did you get here, Draco Malfoy?” she said his name slowly, carefully, enunciating each letter. “This house isn’t exactly in the tourist guide.”

Rolling his eyes and holding back a put upon groan, Draco sat up a bit straighter and looked Buffy straight in the eye. “I have no idea who you are, why you think that you are so special, how I got here, or even where here is, all right?” This whole situation was ridiculous. One minute he had been thrown across the room by a new experimental curse of his father’s, the next he had woken with a gorgeous woman’s lips pressed to his. He looked behind him at the gorgeous woman in question and wondered when he was going to be the one being given information, specifically about her!

“Buffy…maybe he really doesn’t know,” the redhead spoke so quietly that Draco had to strain to hear her, but her words were very welcome. “Okay, Draco…how about we do a swap, you tell us where you came from and we’ll tell you where you are?” With her arms folded across her chest and one brow lifted to the enchanting little widow’s peak Draco had noticed only moments earlier, Willow perched on the arm of Buffy’s chair.

“Sounds fair to me,” Draco nodded, right now knowing his whereabouts was a priority, knowing that might make it easier to get home, although quite how he was going to do that without his wand he had no idea!


It took them over two hours to figure out exactly what had happened, although they were still fuzzy on some of the details. With Willow’s help they had been able to work out that Draco had been hit with some kind of experimental teleportation spell that his father had been working on to help the Death Eaters in their invasion of Hogwarts. Why he had ended up in the Slayer’s flat in Italy was something they were still working on, but Willow and Dawn were eager in their research and both were sure that they would find out something sooner or later.

“Haven’t you heard of a glass?” Buffy had followed Draco into the kitchen and was watching as he pulled a carton of milk out of the fridge and lifted it to his mouth. Spluttering, milk spraying from his lips over the kitchen counter, Draco turned, wiping the back of his hand across his face, a startled expression on his face.

“Pardon me?” He lifted his eyes to her face and had the grace to blush, the flush giving his pale cheeks a little healthy colour, making him look much less like the vampire he closely resembled.

Reaching behind her she picked up a frosted glass tumbler and handed it to him, “a glass, you know how to use one, right?”

Nodding, Draco took the glass and poured out a finger of milk, drinking it back like a shot of tequila, before pouring himself a full glass and leaning back casually against the kitchen counter to study his companion. “I am guessing that you didn’t follow me in here to talk about the etiquette of drinking milk…”

“Why don’t you tell me all about this Morty guy and what he wants at the Pig school?” Buffy tried, she really did, but she could never seem to get the names of anything right, much to the amusement of her friends and family, who had, in the past, spent so much time correcting the Slayer that they were considering writing a dictionary of ‘Buffyisms’.

Trying not to look as confused as Buffy had made him, Draco looked to the doorway where Dawn was standing and waited for an explanation. “She wants to know what Voldemort wants at Hogwarts.”

“I have absolutely no idea. I just know that he is a super-obsessive insane git and for some reason has always been completely focussed on getting into Hogwarts and taking it over.” Taking another sip of his milk he pushed away from the counter and walked into the lounge, holding up the trousers that belonged to some man called Xander – or something like that – relieved that he was no longer wearing just a throw.

Dawn couldn’t stop peering over the large book she had picked up and was currently pretending to read. This man was everything that she knew Buffy wouldn’t approve of, which made him even more attractive to her than he would have been without the trouble.

Draco could feel her looking at him with her huge blue eyes and he had to fight the urge to stare back. She was pretty, with her pouty lips, freckles across the bridge of her nose and her long light brown hair. Most definitely more than a few steps up from Pansy Parkinson, the girl that his father had been persuading him to marry before the hexing that had landed him in Italy in a household of beautiful women!

Dawn looked over at Buffy and tried to signal that she wanted her sister to leave the room. Willow had already disappeared off into her room at the far end of the hall, a faint glow of light under the door the only sign that the witch was using her laptop to do some research into their unexpected and uninvited guest. “Go,” she finally mouthed when it became apparent that Buffy was oblivious to the message that she was trying to send in her direction.

Slightly mortified, and more than a little bit worried that her sister wanted to be alone with a boy that they hardly knew, Buffy finally moved from her seat on the couch and walked down the hall to her room. “Night Dawnie, don’t forget you have classes in the morning…”

Rolling her eyes, Dawn made her move, sitting down beside Draco on the couch – in the spot that Buffy had so recently vacated. She stretched out a little, her feet resting comfortably on the coffee table, her hands behind her head. “So…”

“So?” Draco turned to look straight at Dawn, his eyes focused on her full lips as she moved quickly closer. Her lips parted as she closed them over his, her tongue brushing against his closed mouth, inviting him to open his lips and let her in.

Feeling as though he had just been handed a very nice gift that he was rather undeserving of, Draco wrapped his arms around Dawn’s waist and hoisted her onto his lap. Her hands slipped up under the faded grey Dingoes T-shirt that they had found in Willow’s box of odds and ends, her nails lightly scraping over his stomach and chest.

Draco closed his eyes for a moment as the sensation of her nails against his chest sent shivers down his spine, then, meeting her eyes, he tugged the straps of her top down her shoulders and pushed the top down to her waist revealing the pale peach lacy cups of a strapless bra that left little to the imagination. “Merlin you’re beautiful,” he breathed against her neck before nipping at the tender skin, leaving a small mark that would grow darker after a while.

He cupped her breasts in his hands, his thumbs caressing her hardening nipples.

Ignoring the fact that her sister and one of her best friends were just down the hall, Dawn stood up and pushed her top and skirt down over her hips, leaving her clad in only the bra and a pair of matching panties. Draco didn’t think that he had ever seen anything more amazing.

She pulled him down the corridor and into her bedroom, pushing him to the bed and straddling him, rubbing her heated centre against him.

He groaned as she lifted her hips a little and tugged his sweatpants down his legs. His erection rose proudly from a nest of dark blond curls, a light trail of hair led from just below his belly button. Unable to resist, Dawn brushed her fingers through his ‘happy trail’, one hand curling around his cock, her thumb brushing lightly over the tip, smoothing a drop of clear pre-cum over it.

Draco couldn’t wait much longer, the feel of her fingers curling around him were too much, he knew that if he didn’t sink into her soon he was going to lose it and be of no use to anyone. It had been far too long since he had found a woman he actually wanted to be with. Rolling them both until Dawn was on her back, her long legs wrapped around his hips, the moist heat of her soaking through her panties.

Ripping her panties from her and throwing them across the room, Draco breathed out loudly through his teeth as he sank into her.

Dawn’s eyes rolled back in her head as she felt the length of him sink inside her. For a moment she felt a little discomfort as he broke through her maidenhead, a gasp of pain escaping her lips. The pain vanished as quickly as it had come and all she felt was the pleasure as he started to move inside her, his hands curled around her hips tight enough that she was sure there would be marks in the morning.

Burying her face in his neck, droplets of sweat clinging to her hair, Dawn mumbled his name, the only sound in the room was wet flesh slapping against wet flesh.

The sensation of Dawn’s untried muscles tightening around him further than they were already was enough to send him cross-eyed. He thrust into her one last time, knowing that he was going to come. With a harsh groan and a quiet cry of her name on his lips he exploded.

Dawn felt him collapse against her even as the last of her own small shudders wracked her body

She fell asleep, her arms wrapped around his waist, her body moulded to his. He allowed himself the luxury of lying like this with her for a while before extracting himself from her embrace and making his way to the sofabed that Buffy had set up for him a little earlier in the evening.


Dawn watched from the doorway as Draco moved restlessly on the makeshift bed tugging the covers up over his mussed blond head to block out the light that was now flowing through the window.

“He’s rather delicious isn’t he?” Buffy murmured into Dawn’s ear, enjoying the look of embarrassment that crossed the younger Summers’ girl’s face at the comment.

“I can’t say that I noticed.” Ignoring the look of disbelief on Buffy’s face, Dawn walked away from the door and into the bathroom, closing the door behind her with a loud click.


Draco groaned as the sunlight above the rather uncomfortable bed finally invaded his sleep and he woke up. He tugged the covers from over his head and peered around him at the unfamiliar surroundings. “It wasn’t a dream!”

Willow looked up from the computer screen she had been staring at for the last few hours when the bedsprings on the sofabed squeaked again, signalling that Draco was moving. “So you’re finally awake then, Draco,” the words were said with a smile as she turned her attention to the man now sitting up on the bed

“You about ready to head on home?” Willow had been up for much of the night researching long distance teleportation, this apparation that Draco had mentioned a few times in their conversations, and the reason why he had shown up at their home completely naked when he had been clothed previously.

“You’ve figured it out?” He clambered out of the bed and, pulling the duvet behind him, walked over to stand behind Willow, watching as her quick fingers flew efficiently over the keyboard, letters and numbers appearing and disappearing on the screen quicker than he could read them.

“Yep, just call me research girl,” she looked very happy about her announcement, as though she felt she had achieved a great deal. “So…are you ready?”

He looked around at the flat, the few personal items that were scattered around; a photograph or two of the smiling people he had met and a few that he hadn’t, a long black leather jacket draped over the back of a large armchair, a wooden stake (?) in a glass display box complete with gold engraved plaque. All things that he had been too busy to notice the previous evening. “I guess so,” he shrugged. If he were being totally honest, he could quite willingly stay away from Malfoy Manor for more than eternity. He didn’t really want to return home to get another beating at the hands of his vicious father.

With a single wave of her hand, Draco watched as the small apartment faded in a swirl of colour, and the dark wood of the library at Malfoy Manor appeared before his eyes.


Draco sat down at the desk in his father’s library and picked up the lightly scented envelope that had just arrived via the morning’s owl post. He had to wonder how she had managed to get even part of his home address, it wasn’t something that he had shared before they parted. After a while he realised that it was probably down to the little bit of information he had given, and the redhead doing some kind of search on that computer thing that had almost been attached to her fingers. The letter had been redirected a few times, but it had finally reached Malfoy Manor, and as he opened it, Draco smiled.

Inside was small black and white photograph, it wasn’t enchanted to move, and it took a few moments for him to realise what it was. On the back of the photograph were just a few words, It’s yours. Nothing further was necessary.

He ignored the incessant banging, looking through the papers that were piled haphazardly on his father’s desk for the final spell that his father had used to send him to Italy the first time. Hopefully this time it wouldn’t hurt him so much if he cast it on himself.

So…tell me what you think, be as honest as you like. Just remember that I am suffering a fever and the flu!

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