I am a twit, a total and utter. I currently have ABSOLUTELY NO access to my yahoo email account. I managed to screw up the password and because I cannot remember the email address (or don’t have access to it any longer) of the alternate email address, I am unable to regain access…this means that if anyone emails me on my yahoo account I won’t be getting back to them for a while. This doesn’t mean that I am ignoring you, it just means that I am a f*ckwit and have forgotten how to get into the account! That will teach me to be all smart and stuff and try and do more than one thing at once – it can’t be done on a yahoo account apparently.

So in the meantime email me here and I will get back to you, I promise. Hopefully they will be able to sort it out soon – especially as this is the account that I actually pay for!

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