Seven Days to Go

Sunday and it really is one week since they all went on holiday. Last night I slept on top of the covers in my sister’s bedroom because a) it was too hot and b) it was gone 3am and I couldn’t be bothered to put up the sofa bed in the conservatory.

Today is apparently going to be the hottest day of the week (about 28 degrees or something so the weather guy said)…and I am still shocked that we have had a whole weekend of amazing weather with no let up. All the windows are open and it is still extremely hot!

I am sitting in the living room at the moment because it’s the coolest room in the house, with all the windows open and the conservatory doors open there is a fantastic through-flow, a lovely breeze.

I am amazed that I am awake, I went to bed at 4am and it’s now 10.15 and I have been up for over an hour already. I have been able to wake up relatively early every morning since I started staying at Hayley’s; but I know that my ability to wake up early is all down to the fact that I find it very difficult to sleep in someone else’s bed.

I am going to have that Buffy fest I was thinking about earlier in the week, but tonight there is actually something on TV for an hour! I am going to watch Becoming and Dopplegangland and Lover’s Walk and The Wish and Surprise and Innocence and Earshot… Yep, a good few episodes there for me to watch, right?

I am bored right now, I know that the day will go so quickly and for that reason it is good that I woke up early, but at the same time it’s so quiet and I am very lonely.

I spoke to Mum for over an hour yesterday afternoon, and it was nice to have a chat, we both agree that Granny is still not well, and also that she is an irritable cow who really needs to get some friends and a life. She has been phoning me every evening (even called me when I was on my way to the cinema on Thursday evening), to say goodnight and have a whine about her day (oh, and tell me all about the relatives that I don’t even care about). She doesn’t like it if I talk to Mum and know something before she does – but to be honest that is her problem not mine, or Mum’s, she needs to start interfering in the lives of other people and leave us alone!

Well, just one week left until I can go home and sleep in my own bed. I am contemplating booking myself a day off for the day after I return home, purely so that I can sleep in my bed for a hell of a lot longer. My sister doesn’t return until about 7 in the evening next week, which means that I am not going to be getting home until after 10, once the children are put into bed and my sister has finished telling all about her holiday. I am looking forward to them returning because I miss the hell out of the kids, and I really can’t wait to go home and sleep in my nice big comfortable bed. My back is killing me from trying so hard to fall asleep on the put-you-up!

Well, that’s the rest of my weekend catch-up 😦 because I haven’t anything else to write, nothing else to say, nowhere else to go and nowhere else that I have been (wow, that made so much sense!).

ETA: I have just woken from a 2 hour nap, obviously still needed the sleep (well, the heat doesn’t help). The moment I woke I got the urge to sort out my mobile phone address book (yes, I am aware it is sad), so now I have a picture or unique ring for each person that calls me in a manner that could be considered regular.

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