First Week

It’s almost the end of my first week alone and I have one thing to say “I want my own bed!”. Yep, I am already very tired of being on my own, the novelty of having peace and quiet has most definitely worn off. Every night I try and put off going to bed because the house makes noises. Oh, I am sure that my house makes noises, but I am so used to them that I don’t hear them anymore.

Sure, I have my freedom, I can sit and type for hours without being interrupted, but I can’t surf the net unlimited, and when I do want to talk to someone there is no one here.

I went out last night, and Thursday night. I got home this morning at 1.45 and watched the second to last episode of Dr Who (something I started taping as I headed out the door last night) – it’s the finale tonight and there is just one programme on TV that I am watching with any real interest at all, and there are only 4 episodes remaining of that. Yep, am aware that this is a whole paragraph about TV, but with no one to talk to this is really the only way to get my voice heard (I am actually talking out loud as I type this and I am totally aware that this is a sign of insanity!).

I have just finished the house work, I have realised one amazing thing, I make hardly any mess, the washing up is always done, the washing is always done and as I am only using the downstairs and the bathroom I don’t have many rooms to hoover or clean. The whole job took me just 45minutes (although the washing still needs to be hung out).

I am going to watch some Buffy tonight, and in a few moments I will be taking the laptop into the garden to actually get some writing done <— LOL that is just so funny. I am the queen of procrastination, and I am so good at it that I have a little mental plaque saying "Rachel, Queen of Procrastinating Writers 1974-????"

Oh, and look what I found in my sister's room…There is a whole set like this, but I loved this one.

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